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Say goodbye to the old boring round cakes of yesterday, and welcome in today's creative cakes! A baby shower just isn't a baby shower without a theme either! So pick a cake that will literally be the icing on the finishing touches of the perfect baby shower! Here are a few ideas we found that can easily be created in home, or by a professional!

#1 - Flower Power



If your baby shower is set in the spring time, this is the perfect cake to go with a flowery and whimsical theme! All colors can be used, so you won't be limited to just a few. This makes it easier to plan and find the perfect accessories to go along with it! Decorate each table with bright fresh flowers and dress in a bright floral flowy dress! Encourage your guests to also wear flowers on their clothing! Sparkling fruit punch is a must as well! Think bright, clean, and fun!


# 2 - The Baby Carriage  


This cake would go well with any baby shower, whether it be for a boy or a girl! This cake could easily be recreated out of a cookie cake and add chocolate covered donuts for the wheels. It's always nice, whenever possible, to use a variety of pastries within your cake so that your guests can pick and choose which part is their favorite! A sure fire way to please everyone!

#3 - The Stork

This cake would be a great idea for a gender reveal party, as well as any baby shower! For the gender reveal party especially, have the cake dyed insided to be either blue or pink, and when you cut into it for the first time--the color tells everyone the gender! Combine this with a game for your gender reveal, and take "bets" from your guests as to whether you are having a boy or girl. 


# 4 - The Diaper Cake

This cake is best when it's made out of chocolate! :) Just for that extra laugh! Change the colors to either match your baby's gender, or to match your party! This cake can also be made easily at home. Just cut the shape and get creative with the icing. The safety pin is made out of licorice and gummies, and the dots are sprinkles that can be purchased at any grocery store. 


# 5 - The Teddy Bear 

How darling is this bear?! AND the great thing about this one is, it can also easily be made from home! The middle and head are made using small and medium sized round baking pans, and the arms and ears are made from cutting a round medium sized baking pan into shapes. Let it cool, then piece it together and apply the icing. Add any sort of accessories you want! Perfect cake, and you don't have to spend a fortune!


# 6 - Birth Announcement  

Very traditional cake, but also super cute AND can be made very easily in your own home! This cake is also a great one to have at a gender reveal party, or even a coming home get together! 


# 7 - Shake, Rattle and Roll 

What a great cake to have at your baby shower! The colors can be changed to match accordingly! This would also be a great idea to have as a smaller secondary cake, if you wanted to offer more than one flavor. Maybe have a giant baby carriage cake made of of cookie dough (see #2) and then a smaller cake like #6 made out of vanilla, and this one made out of strawberry! It's always a good thing to give your guests a variety and it makes for super cute table decorations!


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Bless the Nest is a baby shower theme that is both elegant and creative. This theme can be used for any gender, and works very well in an outside setting. Bless the Nest is a great idea for a fall baby shower, but can be used year round. The tone of the theme incorporates a vintage woodland setting and uses primarily neutral colors.

If possible, wooden tables and chairs should be used to really accent the theme and tie it all together. Tables should be decorated in long white table runners so that the wood on each side is exposed. Use light yellow, pink, white, and even peach flowers for centerpieces. On the “Intimate Table”, intended for the expectant mother’s closest friends and family, the settings should include two identical floral arrangements. You can use a traditional clear vase, or add some flair by putting short stemmed flowers into mason jars.


Desserts for this theme are super easy and creative! All you need is vanilla cupcakes topped with white icing for the edible part. The place setting is a large clear plate, topped with a round white plate and antique spoon. You should be able to easily find the spoons at any antique store—and while you’re there, look for a birdcage to go with the idea below! The cupcake will sit atop a “nest” made out of cardboard strips, that you should be able to find at your local hobby store, inside of a clear dessert cup.  Print nametags for your guests and place them on the plates for added cuteness!

Bird shaped cookies are another dessert necessity! You can make them yourself easily or have a local bakery perform the task! The perfect serving dish for these would of course be as pictures, but any matching bowl will work just fine. Different sized cookies and different colored icing are ideal!

For the main table, two clear jars have been used to go on either side of the square white fondant icing cake! Stuff the jars with the same cardboard “nesting” material used for the cupcakes, and place cracked egg shells and a few of the bird cookies inside. The cake is displayed on top of a square clear glass serving dish with the nesting underneath. A nest-like wreath is used for the bottom tier.

Also for the main table, bird cages decorated with moss, nesting, and flowers, is the perfect complement to your theme. Punch bowls should also match the theme, and a light colored juice should be used.

You can add more decorations, like the bird seed bags shown below, but remember--keep it simple and classic!

What a beautiful and timeless idea!


Bless the Nest, is an idea from Katelyn Meekel of Events by Kate.

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