A Few Easy Tips to Help You Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving: a day of joy, a day of thanks, and unfortunately sometimes--a day of stress! In addition to the pressure of having to prepare the world’s greatest turkey, entertaining a large group of family and friends can really get to even the best of us. So, unless you’re taking the family to the local Sizzler this year, it might be helpful to read a few of our tips on how to stay stress free this Thanksgiving!
Supplies, Supplies, Supplies -- “Just in case, I keep a plethora of back up supplies and ingredients in my pantry just for holiday parties! You never know when you will have an emergency, and the stores are normally closed on these days” says local Fort Smithian Amanda Blake. “All of them serve as a back-up plan in the event one of my dishes takes a turn for the worse!” What a perfect idea! Picture yourself distracted by a phone call and burning the Green Bean Casserole—what would you do then? Well, with a few things in your arsenal ready and waiting for you to whip up in a hurry, Thanksgiving dinner can be saved.
B.Y.O.F. Bring Your Own Food – While we’re on the subject of food, why not ask your guests to bring their own dishes! Go a little further with this idea just for some ridiculously perfect flair, and make it a themed party. Maybe this Thanksgiving, instead of just traditional courses only, tell your guests to make a recipe from another culture; encourage a melting pot of food! Not only will you and your party be able to try the different delectables, it will take the stress off of you from having to prepare it all alone.
Take it Easy – Don’t overwhelm yourself, stick to recipes you are familiar with. Don’t make 4:30 am on Thanksgiving morning the first time you decide to try out a special soufflé or complicated bread--no no.; save that stress for another day. You’ve already got enough on your plate, no pun intended, so just take it easy.
Stay Away From Stuffy – Why not this year trying something a little different with your get together? Crazy as it may sound, some families have given up the traditional dinner party, and spiced it up by adding fun games, including Beer Pong. A good laugh always alleviates stress!   Find bonding games that complement your family and values and bring them into the fun. Having a photo booth is another great idea that you could incorporate into your dinner. Imagine all of the memories that will be created, and everyone can take a piece of the experience home with them!
The holidays are about family, fun, and warmth, and this should always be your main focus. We hope these tips help you get closer to achieving that goal, so this season you can give thanks for having a stress free get together. 

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