Cheap and Easy Super Bowl Party Snacks

The Super Bowl: it's one of the few times a year you're allowed to pig out on food, snacks, and appetizers. Odds are, if you're a college student, or just another victim of the poor economy, you're running pretty low on cash. If you're throwing a Super Bowl party, or just going to one, you'll probably need to make up a dish or two for all attending guests. Listed below are great snack/appetizer ideas that are cheap and relatively easy to make, yet still tasty. Most of these can be made without spending more than $8.

Deviled Eggs


These are actually pretty easy and fun to make, once you masterhow to boil an egg. You can mix and match ingredients on your yolk mixture to a taste of your liking, depending on how spicy and pickled you like it. Chopped jalapenos are a good choice, and paprika or some kind of Cajun seasoning is a must for sprinkling on the top.


Little Smokies


This might be one of the easiest, yet tasty treats on this list. Simmer a package of lil' smokies in BBQ sauce and call it good. You can cook these in a variety of ways, but most seem to prefer the crock pot.


Easy Chip Dip


Simply take shredded Mexican cheese, chunky salsa, sour cream and mix together for a delicious chip dip. Note: go light on the sour cream; too much and the dip gets kind of runny.


Focaccia bread, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


A great starting appetizer and something a little different than what you'll typically have at a Super Bowl get-together.


Celery with Easy Cheese


Pretty quick and simple appetizer here. Simply fill the celery stick with easy cheese. A nice crisp and cheesy taste for a very low cost. Also, will help cool the mouth after eating hot wings.


Chopped Apples and Caramel Dip


While most Super Bowl dishes involve salt and spice, here is a nice and somewhat healthy easy dessert dish. Your only chore here will be slicing the apples.


Chex Mix


At a Super Bowl party, you definitely want a bowl full of an assortment of goodies.Munchiescomes to mind, but making Chex mix is always fun. You can either go sweet or salty with your home-made Chex mix. The salty version usually consists of an assortment of Chex cereals, chips, pretzels and crackers. The sweet version usually contains chocolate and peanut butter with Chex and other ingredients.


Tuna and Crackers


Mix up some tuna salad and use as a dip for saltine crackers. A nice, salty protein snack.


Jello Shots


OK, we all know alcohol will be at most Super Bowl parties, so why not? Buy a cheap bottle of your preferred beverage (rum, vodka, or tequila) and mix up a batch of jello and pour into small plastic containers. Just go easy on these as they are kind of potent and will catch up to you.


Garlic Bread and Ranch Dip


Garlic is another flavor that goes well on the taste buds of Super Bowl party-goers. Once again, if you're stressed for time, this can be prepared with little or no effort at all.


Cornbread with Jalapenos


This is a nice snack that no one seems to bring or make at most Super Bowl parties. It has jalapenos in it so the little kick it gives is sure to be a hit with the guys.


Spicy Meatball and Pineapple Kabobs


These can be either heated in the oven or on the grill, but they are much better off the grill. For a marinade, you'll want to use some type of spicy Jamaican or Cajun sauce. The combination of the spiciness of the sauce, smokiness off the grill, and sweetness of the pineapple is a great mix of flavor.

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