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A Spookily Cute Party!

Spooky Cute Party

Halloween is my absolute all-time favorite holiday. Seriously, it is up there with Christmas. I think the decorations are so fun, the movies are great, and dressing up? I love that! It is a wonderful holiday that is filled with so much fun! Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday with a bunch of sweets! There is so much you can do for a Halloween party that doesn’t have to be filled with horror and gore! Spooky cute is trending, and let’s just say it is calling your name for this year’s Halloween party theme.

What’s spooky cute?

This is what I call a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics. It takes the scary aspects of Halloween and other such things, and it puts a cute, harmless twist on it! I love it! This about a witch or ghost. Scary stuff! However, brighten up the colors and make it a little softer and more childlike… you’ve got a spooky cute ghost and witch.

This image below captures the aesthetic perfectly. With colors like pastel green, lavender, peach orange,  black, and silver, you can have a softer more inviting look than something with dark green, orange, and black! I love the balloon arch with the one witch balloon. It adds a specific Halloween flair without being too gaudy or scary!

Halloween table
Courtesy of Catch My Party

We also have some napkins and plates that match this theme well found here.

Next, let’s talk about food! Anything and everything goes for a Halloween celebration. I think classic pumpkin cookies are a perfect edition to any table spread. Creative Kitchen right here in Fort Smith, AR can create a batch of pumpkin cookies that look straight picked from the patch.

pumpkin cookies
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Lastly, incorporating candy in a more sophisticated and theme-ready way is one way to elevate your spooky cute party! Things like test tubes with gummies or candy eyeballs can be a spooky cute vibe when done right! Again, focus on a good muted color palette that takes traditional Halloween colors and just brighten them up! It is the best way to ensure a truly fabulous Halloween party that looks trendy, aesthetic, and most importantly… spooky cute.

Halloween candy
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Stop on by Party Place for all your Halloween needs. Our balloons are perfect to incorporate the color scheme and don’t forget to look for serving utensils and plates!

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