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That’s Egg-cellent: Egg Party

national egg day

June 3rd is National Egg Day, and I think that is pretty cool. I am unsure of your status on your appreciation of the egg, but I do think it is worth noting. I also think it is great for throwing a party. I know, it sounds weird and unusual, but to be honest, that is the point! No one else is probably throwing an egg party for National Egg Day, and that is something to be proud of for sure.

You might be thinking to yourself, how do I throw an egg party?

egg party

It goes deeper than just having egg decorations and so forth. Think about all your favorite ways to cook and eat eggs. Got it? Good! Now, take all those ways and make a party menu out of it. Celebrate the versatility of the egg. Your guests will surely love the originality of the party.

For the decorations, go with white and yellow! Balloons, napkins, and lots of other subtle decorations will make your egg party pop. Another aspect to think about would be playing into the breakfast vibes. If you want more than egg colors, go for reds and diner colors too!

fried egg

If you are working with an egg menu, you can either go for an egg bar with things like fried eggs, toast, scrambled eggs, and omelets. However, if you’re going for a more made-to-order moment, make some tiny menus with exclusively egg dishes on them. This can be a fun way to make the party interactive, fun, and casual. Cooking food at a party is always a great way to get the vibes going well.

Now, I imagine everyone dressed up accordingly to their favorite egg dish. You can interpret this however you would like, but I think it would be a fun way to really play into the goofiness of this party.

egg party meal

So, have you got some ideas for an egg-tastic National Egg Day?

Come to Party Place to get the most egg-cellent decorations.

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Mother’s Day Brunch

mother's day brunch

Mother’s Day is always such a fun holiday to me. It is peak brunch vibes and little flowers everywhere, at least in my family it is! My mom loves to brunch, and she used to be a florist, so it really checks out!

Even though I cannot be there for Mother’s Day this year because of my final exams (ever in my undergrad!!!!) we celebrated this past weekend. I will be there in spirit for all the mother figures in my life, and of course, specifically for my mom. She has always gone above and beyond for me, so why not give her the best brunch party ever!

moms brunch

I’m taking inspiration from this Mumsy Daisy Brunch party I found on It is the perfect amount of cutesy little flowers, pastels, and brunch foods that I am sure many moms would love.

There is no reason to go above and beyond in terms of cost. I am sure any mom or motherly figure would appreciate the effort you have put into a brunch like this for this special day.

It is all about appreciation and showing that appreciation for your motherly figures in your lives.

Let’s go through a few of our fav elements from this brunch party.

First and foremost, who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? No one! Everybody loves these grazing and snacking trays at parties. They look so nice, and they are perfect for any occasion. This is a great way to prevent yourself from having to cook tons of food. Trust me, I have filled up on a charcuterie board too many times to count at parties.

charcuterie board

Cheese Wisely has some lovely charcuterie boards that are made to order, so definitely check them out on Instagram to place an order for any event.

flower straw

For this Mother’s Day brunch, I want to continue with the pastels and flowers. So look for little details, whether they be cups, straws, or napkins that can add a little fun. The small details count the most in my book. So, even if you decide to not do flowers, be sure to check out Party Place both online and in-store to get all the goods for your Mother’s Day Brunch.


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Level Up: A Gaming Party

gaming party

Nowadays, kids play video games way more than with other toys I think! It was popular when I was a kid, but with the never-ending developments in technology and gaming, video games just keep soaring in popularity. Their availability is endless too… on phones, Nintendo Switches, PS5, and so much more.

mario party decoration
Courtesy of

So, why not throw a gaming birthday party for the gamer in your life! I may not be up-to-date on what all games are popular with the kids these days, but we have some super cool retro-pixelated party supplies that are sure to impress.

Personally, I am a Genshin Impact player, but I know things like Minecraft and Fortnite are popular with those kids these days (maybe, perhaps I am wrong). However, I am also a huge Mario fan. Grew up on the franchise, and will forever love and appreciate it.

Anyway… here is a slew of supplies for you to choose from for your party.

  1. Gaming Party Beverage Napkin
  2. Gaming Party Luncheon Plate
  3. Gaming Party Jointed Banner
gaming party plate

You can use our decorations to get a general gaming vibe, and then use more specific decorations (like with the Super Party banner) to reference specific games.

We will go with Super Mario since that is what I know the best, but feel free to choose anything you like. Our plates, napkins, and banners can go with virtually any game!

Make foods and party favors that reference video game characters or elements in the game, to really be with the cool kids hehe.

I love this Super Mario Bro. desserts that reference specific game elements! So easy and cute!

Mario party food
Courtesy of

I think it would also be cool to include a gaming tournament or just a dedicated area for the little gamer and their friends to actually play games!

I remember having Smash Bros tournaments in high school, so this makes me totally nostalgic.

Maybe my next birthday party will be a retro gaming party to relive those days as a youngin’.

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Hop to It!

easter party idea

Easter is a fun holiday! I can’t resist the cute little bunnies and all the pretty pastels. Ugh! A Spring dreamland! Bunnies are definitely a top five animal for me, so you can see where this is going. Totally for the bunny supremacy, duh!

Luckily for all the bunny lovers out there (and Easter advocates) at Party Place, there are TONS of options for your Easter parties, shindigs, and what have you. So, today we are doing less of a party theme, and more so of a round up of all the favorite Easter party decorations we have this year.

Of course, I had to start with something bunny related. I love these cutie little headbands for so many reasons. These are great party table fillers as well as photo booth accessories. These are versatile and cute and do not take up that much space. Even better, they are less than $10 for a pack of 8.

bunny headbands

Keeping with the bunny theme (of course)… we have the most adorable Easter basket ever! It is a plush bunny with a polka dot interior. Screaming and crying over the cuteness. I would love to see my 2 year old nephew carry this as he galivants around picking up all the eggs he can find. If you’re doing an egg hunt, why not do it in style!

I love pastels, I love pink. Bam. Perfect combination here. These plates are perfect for all the Easter goodies that will be coming your way. If you gave something up for Lent like chocolate, then now is the time. Celebrate your love of chocolate on a fancy plate like this one.

Well, those are my top three favorite items from our Easter selection this year. However, if you weren’t digging these, we have plenty of options for all parties and all styles. Take a glance, and you’ll find something you like!

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Llama Llama Party-rama!

llama themed party

Courtesy of Birthday in a Box

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with llamas. Truth be told, I still love them more than the average person, probably. They are just such a goofy animal, you know? Fluffy, long necks, kind of short legs, big eyes… adorable. I just think they look cute and goofy, what more could you want? Anyways, since llamas are pretty popular with kids these days, I feel seen, you know? Regardless of my feelings, I do think llamas are a great theme for a birthday party.

From my own experience—animal-centered birthday parties are always winners with kids. Who knows why? Animals are just fun creatures! Also, I think animal parties are the easiest to buy decorations for, stick to the theme, and engage with the kids. There’s a lot you can do with color palettes, games, snacks, and whatever else when you have one central animal taking the lead.

In this case, we are going with the llama. Lucky for you guys, here at Party Place we love our llamas too. If you click here, you can look at all of our llama-tastic decorations. This includes balloons, plates, cups, and even garlands!

Here are my favorite llama party supplies:

Llama Invitations

Party Blowouts

Llama Balloon

White & Green Llama Party Centerpiece

Once you exhaust our awesome source of llama decorations, your job is relatively easy after that. It’s now all about the arranging and food offerings that you have that make or break a party. However, if its for kids, your job just got easier. I feel like children are easier to please and wow when you throw a fun and colorful party for them. I know my nephew is excited simply at the sight of balloons, haha! Like the photo at the top, I recommend getting one centerpiece-style table, bar, or cabinet that can have all food, cake, and main décor set up on it. This way your main party area is clean, well done, and of course, minimal to clean up.

Especially with kids parties, by containing the party décor to one table and perhaps another for eating and gift opening, as well as an area with a game, you are better off for party clean up and enjoyment.

Don’t make things harder than they have to be! Get those llama decorations and go from there. The décor is always a great place to start and focus your visions. Cheers to all your llama party endeavors. We hope to see you guys soon.

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Luck of the Irish: A Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Party

st patricks day party

Anyone else remember that Disney Channel movie Luck of the Irish? Maybe I am just getting old, but I think that to be the best era of DCOMs. Anyways, I loved that movie, but that is not what we are here to talk about.

I have a nephew that is 2 years old, so this is a party that I would want to throw with/for him. Even if it was just me and him… total party time. So, don’t think you need a bunch of people to throw this party. Just adapt it to your needs. I know me and my bestie (my nephew) will have a grand ol time just with us.

That being said, I did want to share a few of my favorite elements of this party I plan on doing.

Balloon Rainbow Arch

I love a good balloon arch, and so does my nephew. This kid loves balloons. Don’t ask me why, but he does. So, it is a definite yes for me to make an arch for this party! It is super cute to use these rainbow balloons with one shamrock and a golden fringe! I love the simplicity, but full effect these all add together!

rainbow balloon arch

Check our balloon selection here.

Rainbow Waffles

Next, I am obsessed with the rainbow waffles. If you couldn’t tell, we are going for the rainbow theme for St. Patrick’s Day. All rainbows and sunshine over here!

rainbow waffles

Make this simple rainbow waffle cake with a tiny waffle iron ($15 at Target and Walmart), food coloring, and some yummy icing! That sounds delicious, and just like something any kid would be loving!

Rainbow Everything!

Get rainbow plates, gold chocolates, and everything else that makes you think of the lucky attributes of this holiday. The rainbows are a great kid-friendly addition that gets them engaged while still following the theme.

rainbow party supplies

I can’t wait to celebrate with my nephew and do all this fun stuff! It doesn’t have to include a lot of people for it to be a party. Just have fun, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! Cheers!

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Mardi Gras Madness: Laissez les bon temps rouler!

mardi gras party

I am one of the biggest Mardi Gras lovers you will ever find. I am not saying this to brag or be different, this is truly just a very simple and true statement. If you know me at all, you would know this is fact. Mardi Gras is one of my favorite holidays! I am Catholic so maybe I am biased, but you seriously do not need to be Catholic to have a good time on Mardi Gras. Though, I am sure you already knew that.

Let the good times roll, and let’s get this party started.

Beads, masks, feathers, and more beads… all in the colors of green, purple, and gold. That is all you need to throw a Mardi Gras party of a lifetime. Get gaudy! That’s how you get the best looking Mardi Gras party! Throw in some bubbly, a few king cakes, and a lot of Cajun food, and I am telling you this party will be perfect.

However, we are going to focus on a tablescape for this party blog.

Alright, I am using this table below as a foundation and inspiration of what I would want my Mardi Gras table to look like.

mardi gras decor

I like the white table cloth that has been died to feature the signature colors, but if this seems like too much to do or not enough time, then definitely go for a white table cloth and festive table runner! Trust me, there are enough decorations to make up for a plain table cloth.

I am also obsessed with the gold chairs that feature beads hanging off of them. Not only décor, but they also double as guest accessories! Secondly, I like the idea of attaching the traditional style masks for a little sophisticated and historical touch.

mardi gras mask

I also am a fan of using anything loud and in your face, so if your party venue allows, these glittery chandeliers could be a dashing touch, along with these festive fan bursts

Lastly, I love that this table used Christmas ornaments that were painted in the style of Mardi Gras to add some finishing touches to the bowls and vases atop the tables. These are great décor fillers, and are super easy to buy or make.

mardi gras table decor

Yippee! We are that much closer to one of my favorite holidays, and I can’t wait to get all my supplies so we can really let the good times roll! Don’t forget your king cakes!

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Oui, c’est Paris: A Parisian Galentine’s Day

parisian galentines

What’s more perfect for Valentine’s Day than the city of love? Even more so, why not spend Galentine’s day in the city of love! For all the gals and pals you love so dearly, celebrate in style with them! I saw a Parisian style Galentine’s Day party the other day, and I must share it with everyone. I don’t watch Emily in Paris, but it feels like if you are a fan, perhaps this is the party for you!

It is cute, sophisticated, and just very fitting for Valentine’s Day. I especially love the Parisian window illustration they have as their main décor. At Party Place, we have plenty of Parisian style lamp cut outs, architectural elements, and more to contribute to your Parisian vibe. It will be like you’re there! You can see those here.

What’s even better about a Parisian Valentine’s Day party is that the red roses are perfect for both themes! Go to your local florist or supermarket to get some beautiful and fresh roses. Love and Paris… the best of the best!

For this party, we are thinking of a lovely little tea party, brunch moment. Honestly for the gals, what could be better? Include things like macarons (bonus points for Valentine’s Day colors), croissants, and baguettes for the easy-to-see Parisian factor. Places like Creative Kitchen and other bakeries in Fort Smith have lots of macaron options! Check out Harvest Moon for the most divine croissants and other breads. Your guests will surely be thinking they are in France when they taste that quality!


Anyways, we want to keep the palette pretty minimal and chic with the décor. Think less gaudy Valentine’s Day (which I love), and more of the understated Parisian charm we all know and love. I especially love the plate set up here that features a muted color palette with a lovely design and one chic chocolate bar!

paris theme party

More on the food side of things… if you want more than bread and macarons, just go for decadence! It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, it just means it is inherently fancy or for the more “refined” palette. Again, maybe that sounds intimidating, but I promise that it isn’t. It is all about the simple luxury! Nothing screams simple luxury more than Paris. The city of love and lights thrives off the simplicity of walking and the enjoyment of food in the company of the people they love. So, when you are planning your Galentine’s Day, just think about that! Ask yourself, what would the Parisians do?

All photos courtesy of

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You’re a Pizza My Heart: Valentine’s Day Party

Pizza my heart

I love pizza, who doesn’t? Especially as someone who has been to Italy twice… pizza is like a love language for me. I experienced the good stuff, and I never want to go back to dull and flavorless pizza. Anyways, my love for pizza aside… it does have to do with today’s party idea.

heart pizza
Courtesy of Thrillist

Basically, the gist of the party is pizza making, heart shaped pizzas, and lots of love. Even if you just want to do this with your partner, family, or an actual party, this is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day at home.

First and foremost, we know I love a good food bar.

Why not make a pizza topping bar for all of your guests to customize their perfect pizza! My idea for the heart shaped dough if you have lots of people is to make it ahead of time for less of a mess! However, if it is just you and your s/o then maybe that would be a fun bonding, cooking experience for the both of you.

Pizza bar
Courtesy of Pinterest

To decorate the food bar, get these cool table scatter hearts to give the lovey dovey gushy feeling. Definitely the vibe.

Next, have a drink area, and make sure to get cute little red and pink cups (available at Party Place) and little candy hearts… all the corny Valentine’s Day stuff. I love it all!

Consider making it a mix of corny Valentine’s Day and mamma mia Italia! That is definitely a cute combination and worth it! Red and white tablecloths, wine, and maybe some gelato for dessert. Amore!

If gelato isn’t your vibe, get some pizza my heart cookies like these from Creative Kitchen. They can definitely whip up some cutie cookies!

Valentines pizza cookies
Courtesy of AlphaWorxCrafts

Courtesy of AlphaWorxCrafts Well guys! That’s all I’ve got for the pizza party. I will probably be doing something similar with my boyfriend. Such a simple but awesome idea!

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A Freakin’ Freakshake Party


Do you know what a freakshake is? Well, if you don’t, no need to feel bad, I didn’t know what one was until I went to Vegas a year ago and saw a whole storefront dedicated to them! Basically, it is an extreme and over the top milkshake, which is probably any kid’s dream (or adult, no judgement here!). So, what make a regular milkshake different from a freakshake are the toppings!

Candy Shake

You might simply be thinking that this would mean sprinkles or Oreo chunks, which you aren’t wrong… but dream bigger! Get more creative with things like donuts, pretzels, chocolate bars, other candy bars, full size cookies and so much more. Honestly, the possibilities are truly endless and up to your own personal preferences which makes this a fantastic party idea.

Even pancakes are a viable option! Check out this one below.


pancake freakshake

I know you might think January isn’t the time to host a milkshake party, but with National Milk Day coming up on the 11th, I find a milkshake party quite endearing and lovely.

So, its simple! Get your friends together, ask everyone to bring a topping and get a whole freakshake topping bar going! Get super duper extreme these things! You don’t want it to be boring! So take those average ol’ vanilla milkshakes and maybe even chocolate if that is your crowd’s vibe. With these two basic flavors, you’ll be sure to cater to everyone’s toppings they bring.

This is a great party idea if you’re hosting a family friendly party that doesn’t include alcohol, or maybe a kid’s birthday, game night, or even just a freakshake get-together!

Be sure to check out these Plastic Mason Jar Glasses for a sturdy and classic option that will be sure to hold all the goodies inside (and they are cute) .

For straws, you’ll want something that can properly suck up the deliciousness, so get these shake straws to ensure awesomeness.

Get crazy and get creative! Check Pinterest for some recipes if you want to get super into it, but don’t be shy, just make something freaky!

Chocolate freakshake
Courtesy of Rawberry Fields