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Friendsgiving cover

Can you believe it – we are so close to the holiday season of a year that has felt like it might not ever end. I personally love the holiday season and begin planning my Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dinners in early October, this way you can be sure to snag everything you need to make your table look perfect! Have you thought about what your Thanksgiving plans are this year yet? If you are anything like me you have probably been missing your friends and family a little extra this year, so why not throw a Friendsgiving Feast?

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Cookie Decorating Party

Decorating Cookies Cover

Fall is in the full swing and some of us might already be jumping straight to Thanksgiving or even Christmas! Just so you know I am totally in support of embracing all things holiday season — I absolutely love the holidays this time of year and always try to find as many ways as possible to celebrate them. Which brings me to my newest party suggestion for you… a cookie decorating party! Right now elegant sugar cookies are all the rage and it is becoming increasingly popular for friends to get together and decorate them together.

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Spooky Season

Spooky Pumpkins

For some September first is the “official” start to the spooky season or as I like to call it Falloween — which means it is time to pack up the summer decorations and break out the pumpkins. However, maybe you aren’t ready to give up summer just yet you can still use the month of September to plan the perfect Halloween party. My little sister was known for her annual Halloween parties up until she went off to college! So, whether it is an old tradition for your family or maybe a spur of the moment decision The Party Place is going to have everything you need to make it spook-tac-ular!

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You Can’t Stop the Tailgate

It feels like we have been waiting forever for football season to get here – and not only that but waiting to see if we even get to watch our beloved fall sport this year. Now for many of us football season is going to look a little different with limited fans, no cheerleaders or band, plus many skills are banning the usual tailgating. However, just because your standby tailgate spot isn’t in use this year it doesn’t mean you have to forgo it altogether, maybe use this time to get a little more creative but keeping it at home, a little further outside the stadium, or maybe even load up the camper and take it outdoors somewhere.

If you know me you know that I live and breathe football, literally it is my life, and with that comes tailgating. I went to the University of Oklahoma and tailgating is some serious stuff there. We used to camp out all night long in our favorite tailgating spots and want for the “gun” to sound for the 12:00 pm Friday land rush to begin.

So, even though I can’t do things the way I have been for the last 8-10 years, it doesn’t mean I won’t be participating.

My mom instilled a love for party planning in me, and tailgates are no different. When it comes to planning take into account what time kick-off is going to be, if an 11:00 am kick-off is in store for you plan your menu accordingly with mimosas, breakfast or brunch items, and if the weather is cool, some coffee or hot chocolate.

If you are having an afternoon or evening kick-off don’t feel limited to the traditional tailgate foods feel free to spice it up with fancier grab and go side options, fun themed desserts, or build-your-own meal bars to create an easy way for guests to serve themselves.

Also, take the decorating up a notch whether this is in your house, your garage, backyard, tent, RV, you name it! My mom and I like to incorporate fun streamers, flags, and even little bistro lights into the décor. I really like working in all of the fun different serving dishes that The Party Place offers to have a “fancy” looking table while still using plastic and disposable items. We would love to see how you tailgate at home or from afar this year so be sure to tag us in all of your pictures on social media! Oh and remember… BOOMER SOONER! Or I guess Woo Pig for all of you Hog fans out there too.

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Back-to-School Bash

back to school cover

Can you believe it — summer has already come and gone and now the kiddos are back to school or will be soon if they aren’t already. I know for many families this may look a little different in years past whether it be by the states choice or personal choice, so much like the kick-off to summer party, I suggested you might want to have a Back-to-School Bash with your kiddos to help them get excited about this new and different school year.

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MLB NBA is Back

After what has felt like years and years without sports the MLB and NBA are back! It may not be the way we are used to watching it, but hey I will take what I can get and I am sure many of you are feeling the same way. Whether you are wanting to make your celebration a grand slam or slam dunk The Party Place has everything you need to root for your favorite team and get game-day ready.

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Summer Sports-Themed Party

We might not be able to enjoy sports like we used to right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to count sports out of our lives all together! Do you have a major sports fan at home? Well, why not give them an extra special reason to smile with a sports-themed party honoring their favorite sport that either never saw its season this year or had it cut short. I know I sure did miss not having a baseball season because sitting in the Hog Pen at Baum-Walker Stadium is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the cool spring nights. All you need to knock the party out of the park is a few super cute sports-themed decorations from The Party Place!

Now to set the scene we need to focus on the little details — when setting out your snacks or meal that you will be serving you can really play up the sports theme with a concession stand area.

Photo credit: Darling Darleen

Blogger Darling Darleen gives us a perfect example of how to set the scene with this super cute and fun concession stand, even featuring some fund personalization. Think fun finger foods that can be filling as well. To make your own at-home concession stand, you can create a fun little ordering menu and a sign to let your guests, or even just your family, know where to find the snacks.

Now you know me and my love for balloons, so surely you didn’t think I could go an entire party without suggesting some balloons to spruce up the party. You can keep it simple with some of these big sports/ball themed balloons to add some height to your party decor or some color and shape fitting with the theme.

Photo credit: Mom O Party

If your budget is a little bit bigger or you are wanting to make the balloons more of a focal point of the party you can do something like blogger Mom O Party where she used a variety of greens and whites with some football balloons to bring in the theme.

The Party Place has everything that you need to make your party a home run for your favorite sports fan who might be feeling a little down during this sports drought that we are in right now. So no matter what COVID-19 has canceled, you can still cheer on your favorite sports fan.

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Vegas Staycation

Are you feeling lucky, but COVID-19 is keeping you from taking that trip to Vegas? Well, it is time to bring Vegas to your home with a fun Casino Night themed party! Keeping CDC guidelines in mind, invite some of your friends or family over for what could be a formula or casual get-together.

Aside from the obvious cards and chips needing for the night all you really need to bring your night together are a few simple accent decorations.

I personally love a patterned or themed napkin and plate — this way you are adding a pop to your food display and decorating at the same time.

The Party Place has everything you need including casino playing cards and some funny money to keep the gambling going without hurting everyone’s pocket books.

Unless you are serious about your casino card game playing, you probably don’t have a blackjack felt green table lying around.

Instead, you can pick up a standard dark green tablecloth from the Party Place, and with a little help from white painter’s tape or washi tape, you can make the perfect outline for your very own DIY Blackjack table.

If you are feeling fancy you can turn your whole night into an evening at the Monte Carlo or if you are wanting to keep it casual invite your guests to keep it comfy and focus on the cards. Either way, all you really need are a few classic casino night decorations, a few finger foods, some good drinks, and most importantly good company to bring Vegas to your very own living room or kitchen.

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Summer Home Drive-In

It is finally June which means summer is in full swing and despite COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, the number of cases is still rising, and people are still using caution when it comes to certain outings. One thing I have really missed since all of this started is going to the movie theater — there is seriously nothing better than the smell of fresh buttered popcorn while cozying up into the big comfy chair. But why not take advantage of the fresh air by getting out of the house and having an at-home drive-in movie showing.

Creating your at-home drive-in is as easy as 1-2-3! There are a few key things you need: a large white sheet or table cloth, a small portable projector, and lots of blankets and pillows to get cozy.

I know what you’re thinking… a tiny projector?! But I am pleased to tell you that you can find them on Amazon for about $50 and you seriously won’t regret it. (Actually, my little sister used her mini projector as the main TV in her apartment.)

The key to setting the scene is finding a big blank space outside, perhaps your garage door, large blank side of your home, or if you wanted to get really crafty you can use PVC pipes and build your own frame to hold your screen and set it up practically anywhere you want.

I am all into making little things fancy — I seriously think it is the most fun way to make things special and make lasting little memories.

One way to set the scene for your sweet outdoor theater/drive-in is to hand bistro lights around to give it that fun little effect.

Another fun activity is to set up a popcorn bar.

Photo Credit: Happily Hughes

You can grab some popcorn bags from The Party Place some fun movie night themed cups, and a few plastic dishes to set out your giant bowl of popcorn and fun toppings to add to your individual bags.

If you really want to add some extra pops of movie theater vibes to your night you can also grab some fun movie-themed streamers from The Party Place.

However you decide to spice it up, just remember to have fun and embrace the special memories that this crazy time we are in has given you the opportunity to create. Plus, The Party Place is always the perfect place to find all of the special finishing touches.

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Summer Kick-Off Party

When you think of summer you think of the kiddos finally being home from school, but things have been slightly different this year with the kids coming home much sooner than they normally do. What better way than to mark the joyous occasion of summer break despite the no scenery change than with a fun summer kick-off party?

Photo Credit: Frog Princess Paperie

This is not meant to be a big bash that you invite a lot of guests to but rather something special for you and your family to have a mini one day stay-cation of sorts. In my personal opinion, no party, even ones at home, are complete without special decorations that set it apart from a regular day at home — even when the guests are your immediate family members.

When I was a kid my mom went all out for every single occasion — I am talking all of the bells and whistles and every tiny little detail thought of and let me tell you I can still remember these special moments and can’t wait to make them with my little boy as well. 

Photo Credit: The Domino

This particular party is going to be more geared toward your younger kiddos, but you can certainly tailor it to fit a group of older kids. 

Don’t just make it about one little thing — plan multiple activities or fun surprises to space out over the entire day. But remember the most important thing… keep committed to the theme. 

Photo Credit:

Here are a few ideas: pick up some small and fun plastic buckets or cups from the Party Place and make dirt in a cup for a yummy sweet mid-day treat. Perhaps take the kids outside for some fun in the sun with sidewalk chalk and celebrate with a few popsicles. Don’t have a pool? No problem! purchase a few lays and other luau items and have a faux pool-day the Islander way with the kiddie pool or sprinkler. Instead of sticking with your usual dinnerware grab some fun themed plate and napkins at the Party Place as well. 

Whatever you do just remember to make it fun and special. We are living in a different time right now which means we need different kinds of ideas for parties and fun with our loved ones.