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Down… Set… Hike! Football season is here!

September means fall, football, and better weather. However, for many people in the south, football is the most important one of those three things I just listed. I know my family is obsessed with football season. To be fair, it is a great way to build community, have fun, and create traditions. Though I may not be the world’s biggest football fan, I definitely get the appeal, and of course, I enjoy going to a game every now and then.

Well, actually, let me rephrase that. I love being around the culture that surrounds college football season in America. I thoroughly enjoy the environment that builds up around game days—like tailgating for example.

That being said, let me give you a list of my top 5 football season essentials to make the best tailgate ever. As always, you can find all of these at Party Place in store or online.

All of these products will fit any tailgate for any team you support, even if it is a rival of my favorite team (spoiler alert: As an alumna of the University of Oklahoma, I have to tell you the Sooners are my favorite).

  1. Football Flag Picks

Starting off strong with these cute little guys! Put them in cupcakes, a full cake, sliders, and anything else your heart desires.

You’ll see me drinking a mimosa out of one of these at morning games guaranteed.

Put this up around your tailgating tables, tents, and chairs. I love a good pennant flag, and this does not disappoint.

Take your tailgate setup to the next level with this incredible drink cooler.

Get ready to watch the game with the cutest snack boxes around.

Courtesy of Kellie Randle

That ends this round up of the 2023 Football Season essentials for tailgating, parties, and football galore. Shop at Party Place to get all these and more.

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The Big 5-0 Birthday Party

When someone turns 50, this is nothing to scoff at! It is an achievement, and it is truly a time to celebrate. I know that some people may disagree and think it is a sign of growing old. I say that this is just outrageously untrue. 50 is a milestone birthday because you have been through a lot in your life. You have so much more life experience, but the fun does not stop there. You can use 50 as a way to catapult your life into the way you truly want to live. Start fresh or just take some improvements you’ve learned. 50 is a time to change the game!

Anyways, let’s plan a birthday party for someone turning 50, whether it is for yourself, a parent, or a friend.

Pending the person you are planning for, you can obviously switch up some of the recommendations I suggest to better match their personality. Party Place has so many great décor options, so you will not be short on supplies.

Personally, I am a big fan of this classic birthday banner. It is timeless and fun! So, let’s use that as a jumping off point for our party.

I think a good retro, nostalgic party just sets the vibe. So, think of classic colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. Buy balloons that match this vibe here, and you can get 50th-specific balloons here.

Courtesy of Hannah Baxter

Classic does not necessarily mean boring though. I think a good dinner party situation is also a great way to go. Again, using this classic color scheme with a clean white tablescloth, tons of candles, and party favors like hats and confetti would be the cutest thing. Oh, and definitely include pennant flag banners and crepe paper.

Finally, let’s talk about the cake.

If you want classic, go with a single-tier white-frosted cake with a sprinkle border at the bottom and tall candles. Oh, and don’t forget a 50th topper!

Courtesy of Bravo Jenny

Lastly, include some photos of yourself, friends, family, and all of your lovely life experiences. 50 is your time to shine!

Keep it simple for the 50th so it doesn’t feel like you’re getting older. Just make the party to where you can celebrate the beauty of your life and the people in it.

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Easter Brunch

Easter is such a cute holiday. The pastels, the florals, the eggs, and not to mention the adorable little bunnies! I think it is the epitome of spring in full swing in many ways, which means better weather, more outdoor time, and so forth. What is not to love about that? This is why I propose an excellent garden brunch for Easter this year.

Oh, did I mention, I love brunch? I know I am really submitting to the whole “basic brunch girlie” vibe, but I do not care! I love the idea of brunch in general. The food choices, the drinks, the cute restaurants, the entire vibe! It just gets everyone buzzing in the best way possible.

So, let’s go ahead and emulate that for Easter this year for sure. I love a good tablescape as well. I think it really captures the atmosphere for a party or event every single time. Here are some of my favorite examples of Easter tablescapes for this year.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Party Place has tons of party supplies and balloons to make these tablescapes a reality. So check online or get on down to the store to get all that you need.

I love this Iridescent & Multi Colored Fringed Backdrop for a good backing piece to any party center tablescape.

As for a menu, think of something fun and sweet! Think about things like French toast, pancakes, chicken & waffles, fruit sides, mimosas, and other such dishes. This will really add to the pastel and springtime vibes, so go for it. If you are not into cooking all of this yourself, either check out some local brunch restaurants to see if you can either decorate a few tables at the restaurant or get them to cater for you!

Easy and breezy! Just like a beautiful spring day.

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Valentine’s Day Rom Com Extravaganza

I love Valentine’s Day. I say that every year, but I really do mean that. I honestly do not know why I love it so much. I have been single for every Valentine’s Day except for once, but nonetheless my love for this holiday persists.

It is probably because I am a hopeless romantic and just adore some good ol’ romantic comedies. Oh, and I love the somewhat gaudiness of Valentine’s Day decorations. Who knows why, I just do. I gave up trying to figure it out ages ago.

Anyways, if you are a hopeless romantic like me or just love a good rom com, then this party is definitely for you.

This is for all my single girlies out there. You do not have to be in a relationship with someone for your Valentine’s Day to not suck. All it takes is a little chocolate, wine, and goofy rom coms to really get you in the spirit.

So, let’s throw a good party!

Everyone will be happy to know that Party Place has everything imaginable for a Valentine’s Day Rom Com Extravaganza.

I think something that would be super cute to do for this party is to make little goody bags for the rom com watch party.

Also, feel free to choose any movies you’d like. One of my all-time favorites is 13 Going on 30 though, just saying.

Anyways, these bags! Here’s what I would put in them:

  • Bags of popcorn
  • Valentine’s chocolates
  • Socks
  • Mini candle
  • Face masks
  • Other self-care essentials!

I think this whole little extravaganza should be super relaxing. I think that’s why face masks and candles are obviously a perfect choice. I know what I’ll be doing this year on Valentine’s Day.

However, you’ll need some bags to put this stuff in! So, take your pick from Party Place. There is so much to choose from. Just hop online and pick what you feel best! That link above goes to all Valentine’s Day items they stock! Also, don’t forget the decorations! Heart doilies, confetti, and heart balloons are always my go-to decorations. Good thing Party Place has it all. Shop online or in store, but get to shopping so that you aren’t last minute trying to get your items together. Go into this party season stress free with easy shopping at the Party Place!

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Going Away to College

If you get that this blog title is also a Blink-182 song, I like you already. Am I dating myself with that reference? Anyways, today is the day we talk about something big: college. I am sure many parents and students are about to say goodbye and open up a new chapter. So, why not throw a college colors themed party for all those about to leave for college!

Basically it is just a small little get together or the whole sha-bang if you want it to be with all the future college students wearing their school’s colors. For example, I got my BA degrees from the University of Oklahoma, so I am going to wear crimson and cream to the party. Whereas others would wear clothing items that represent their school whether that be University of Arkansas, UAFS, OSU, and anywhere else!

Decorations would just need to be very classic college! Pennant flags, football décor, and other little academic things that fit your party’s vibe. I would go for big, collegiate lettering on the invitations, and stick to pennants, confetti, and maybe even some big college textbooks for authenticity (trust me, I have so many from my 4 years at OU).

The party should also include lots of photo taking since these students are about to leave home! So, think about setting up a fun photo booth area with a fringe background. You can use any camera you’d like, but consider getting a Polaroid camera so that you can have instant and tangible photos for all the partygoers.

This will be a great way to get people to cherish their time together and look forward to something new. Let’s make it a supportive environment that supports these kids in their futures! This party isn’t meant to be sad… but celebratory!

Food is completely up to you, so go crazy! Party Place has plenty of pennant flag and football decorations to go through. Not to mention lots of school related items. See our website to check out everything we have in stock for shipping, or come to the store and look for even more!