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Vegas Staycation

Are you feeling lucky, but COVID-19 is keeping you from taking that trip to Vegas? Well, it is time to bring Vegas to your home with a fun Casino Night themed party! Keeping CDC guidelines in mind, invite some of your friends or family over for what could be a formula or casual get-together.

Aside from the obvious cards and chips needing for the night all you really need to bring your night together are a few simple accent decorations.

I personally love a patterned or themed napkin and plate — this way you are adding a pop to your food display and decorating at the same time.

The Party Place has everything you need including casino playing cards and some funny money to keep the gambling going without hurting everyone’s pocket books.

Unless you are serious about your casino card game playing, you probably don’t have a blackjack felt green table lying around.

Instead, you can pick up a standard dark green tablecloth from the Party Place, and with a little help from white painter’s tape or washi tape, you can make the perfect outline for your very own DIY Blackjack table.

If you are feeling fancy you can turn your whole night into an evening at the Monte Carlo or if you are wanting to keep it casual invite your guests to keep it comfy and focus on the cards. Either way, all you really need are a few classic casino night decorations, a few finger foods, some good drinks, and most importantly good company to bring Vegas to your very own living room or kitchen.

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Summer Home Drive-In

It is finally June which means summer is in full swing and despite COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, the number of cases is still rising, and people are still using caution when it comes to certain outings. One thing I have really missed since all of this started is going to the movie theater — there is seriously nothing better than the smell of fresh buttered popcorn while cozying up into the big comfy chair. But why not take advantage of the fresh air by getting out of the house and having an at-home drive-in movie showing.

Creating your at-home drive-in is as easy as 1-2-3! There are a few key things you need: a large white sheet or table cloth, a small portable projector, and lots of blankets and pillows to get cozy.

I know what you’re thinking… a tiny projector?! But I am pleased to tell you that you can find them on Amazon for about $50 and you seriously won’t regret it. (Actually, my little sister used her mini projector as the main TV in her apartment.)

The key to setting the scene is finding a big blank space outside, perhaps your garage door, large blank side of your home, or if you wanted to get really crafty you can use PVC pipes and build your own frame to hold your screen and set it up practically anywhere you want.

I am all into making little things fancy — I seriously think it is the most fun way to make things special and make lasting little memories.

One way to set the scene for your sweet outdoor theater/drive-in is to hand bistro lights around to give it that fun little effect.

Another fun activity is to set up a popcorn bar.

Photo Credit: Happily Hughes

You can grab some popcorn bags from The Party Place some fun movie night themed cups, and a few plastic dishes to set out your giant bowl of popcorn and fun toppings to add to your individual bags.

If you really want to add some extra pops of movie theater vibes to your night you can also grab some fun movie-themed streamers from The Party Place.

However you decide to spice it up, just remember to have fun and embrace the special memories that this crazy time we are in has given you the opportunity to create. Plus, The Party Place is always the perfect place to find all of the special finishing touches.

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Summer Kick-Off Party

When you think of summer you think of the kiddos finally being home from school, but things have been slightly different this year with the kids coming home much sooner than they normally do. What better way than to mark the joyous occasion of summer break despite the no scenery change than with a fun summer kick-off party?

Photo Credit: Frog Princess Paperie

This is not meant to be a big bash that you invite a lot of guests to but rather something special for you and your family to have a mini one day stay-cation of sorts. In my personal opinion, no party, even ones at home, are complete without special decorations that set it apart from a regular day at home — even when the guests are your immediate family members.

When I was a kid my mom went all out for every single occasion — I am talking all of the bells and whistles and every tiny little detail thought of and let me tell you I can still remember these special moments and can’t wait to make them with my little boy as well. 

Photo Credit: The Domino

This particular party is going to be more geared toward your younger kiddos, but you can certainly tailor it to fit a group of older kids. 

Don’t just make it about one little thing — plan multiple activities or fun surprises to space out over the entire day. But remember the most important thing… keep committed to the theme. 

Photo Credit:

Here are a few ideas: pick up some small and fun plastic buckets or cups from the Party Place and make dirt in a cup for a yummy sweet mid-day treat. Perhaps take the kids outside for some fun in the sun with sidewalk chalk and celebrate with a few popsicles. Don’t have a pool? No problem! purchase a few lays and other luau items and have a faux pool-day the Islander way with the kiddie pool or sprinkler. Instead of sticking with your usual dinnerware grab some fun themed plate and napkins at the Party Place as well. 

Whatever you do just remember to make it fun and special. We are living in a different time right now which means we need different kinds of ideas for parties and fun with our loved ones. 

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Birthday Party in a Box

Summertime is normally a time for celebrations and fund birthday parties, but with current COVID-19 restrictions celebrating is continuing to look different this year.

As a kid I can remember looking forward to the summer to celebrate my birthday as well as my friends — plus its a fun way to know I was going to get to see my favorite school friends. I cannot imagine how parents and kids are feeling right now with so much uncertainty to what they will and will not be able to do but I do know that COVID-19 restrictions do not mean the day is any less special.

Photo Credit:

A perfect way to make a birthday special for someone in your life that you cannot see and celebrate with in person is a “Birthday in a Box” — this idea is not only good to be mailed to someone but fun for the birthday boy or girl to open at home in a room all decked out.

When setting the scene for your Birthday in a Box first fill the room with special balloons to let them know that despite the circumstances it is still a special day. Perhaps start the day off with a birthday cake made of donuts for an extra sweet surprise in the morning.

Now to the box — first you will need a cardboard box, it can be plain or decorated to your liking, after you get the box throw in a box of cake mix, icing, and some candles for the cake portion of the “party.” Next throw in all of the party essentials such as: part hats, fun paper plates and napkins, noise makers, streamers, confetti, birthday banner, and maybe even a mini pinata.

This is a simple “party” and not your average large and in charge party but it is something easy to do at home or to send to someone you love. You can find all of these “necessities” aside from the cake mix at The Party Place of course.

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COVID-19 Virtual Celebrations

Boy dressed for prom

We are currently living in a time that feels uncertain and is unlike anything many of us have experienced before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate our loved ones who have made some major accomplishments this year. In particular, the class of 2020 really deserves some celebration right now. Despite graduations being on hold for an unknown amount of time, you can still host an at-home celebration for your 2020 senior. In order to make these last few months of their senior year memorable for more than just a major health pandemic forcing them to homeschool, go all out and host a virtual celebration.

The Party Place is still open, with a few added restrictions in order to keep you and your family healthy and is the perfect place to stop and get everything you need for your big at home virtual parties. If you are thinking you want to give your senior one more prom, the options are kind of endless here. They offer a wide variety of themed decorations – you could go anywhere from a simple bash with a few balloons, streamers, and a simple backdrop or you could go all out with a Night in Paris or Casino Royale; whatever you choose, decorations are key to making it feel extra special and not just like another night at home.

You can make this fun for the whole family and dress everyone up as you transform your living room into a night to remember. Plus, 10-years from now when you look back on these pictures it will be sweet to remember how everyone got to enjoy the night. Due to social distancing it won’t allow for there to be any outside of the family guests, but here is where the virtual part comes in: tell all of their friend’s parents what you are doing and have them participate as well and when it is time for the party to start have a Zoom call or Facebook Live set up so everyone can feel like they are there with all of you. Another way to make it feel like more of a surprise and to get that wow moment from your teen – keep them out of the “prom room” until it is time for the party to start.

Now, when it comes to setting the scene make sure you dedicate a section of your home or your living room for pictures. This is a great place to put a fun themed backdrop or sparkly fringe door hanger – honestly, anything that is fun to stand in front of, embraces the theme, and easy for pictures. You can stick with the classic photo poses or mix in some fun props and make it feel like  a photo booth – either way these pictures are going to be so fun to look back on and to share on social media afterwards. In order to give the room that more “intimate” feeling you can hang Christmas lights or bistro lights from the celling mixed with streamers to make it feel just like prom. As far as other decorations go it is completely up to you and your budget, but either way just think of the sweet memories you are creating and what theme you want to embrace.

In a similar way to the virtual prom, you can host a virtual graduation for your grad. The process is similar in terms of live streaming and having these join in but this time instead of focusing on the prom decorations focus on the props to make it feel like a real graduation day.

The Party Place again has everything that you need to make it perfect. Anything in the graduation celebration area is going to add the perfect pop of color and excitement to mark this major milestone in your grad’s life. I suggest rolling up some tiny diplomas for everyone in your family to join in with and hand to your grad. In a sense we are taking the traditional graduation party and turning it into that with a side of ceremony. Designate an area in your home as the stage perhaps an area near the fireplace maybe marked with my personal favorite — balloons! If your budget is a little larger, I suggest some of the beautiful loom columns or archers the Party Place can make for you in a wide variety of colors of your choosing.

There is really no right or wrong way to host your virtual party – just make it memorable and special. Remember, The Party Place is the perfect place for big and small get-togethers, and they have everything you could ever need or want for the perfect party.

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Bohemian Baby Shower

Spring has sprung and so have several soon-to-be mommas that I know — have you ever noticed that it feels like Spring is always the time that people are announcing a pregnancy or the birth of their child? I personally gave birth to a winter baby, but I know at least five ladies expecting babies this spring. Of course, when a baby is on the way that means a baby shower is to be had! 

Simplicity and bohemian vibes have really been gaining a lot of popularity for all different kinds of parties, but especially for baby showers. In November my mom, aunt, and son’s paternal grandmother threw me a beautiful bohemian baby shower. Despite the fact that it was in the dead of winter the theme felt very light and springy — unlike myself because I was pretty sure I was going to pop before the party was over! 

The key to throwing a beautiful bohemian party is to not get caught up on a lot of decorations but rather a few main centerpieces of the party while keeping the colors extremely neutral. Your color scheme should consist of white, deep greens, clear, and pops of color like gold or a nice soft pastel. An excellent way to highlight these colors and bring life to your party are balloons — and a lot of them. I love when balloons are used in multiple ways, for example a big piece of art on the wall or to add height to otherwise small decorations on tables. 

The Party Place has you covered when it comes to balloons and other simple decorations to really make your bohemian party pop! For your balloon wall art no helium is required, these balloons need to have plain air in them because you will be attaching them to the wall with tape or another kind of adhesive that is easily removed. When it comes to creating height these balloons will need helium and can be attached to party favors, centerpieces, etc. anything low lying on your tables. 

Lastly, don’t over do it — think simple! The simple vibe is also great for cleanup because there is a lot less for you to pick up. Don’t be afraid to use your party favors as decorations because they won’t be leaving until your guests do. For my party we did mini champagne bottles with a cute note telling the guests to not drink them until they got word that my son had been born — that way everyone could cheers together for his big arrival. 

There is no right or wrong way to host a bohemian bash, just put your own spin on what you think is simple yet beautiful at the same time. After all, this theme comes from nature so it is easy to see why simple is best. 

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Cheese Fondue Party

My little sister is obsessed with random holidays that take place throughout a month like National Donut Day or  National Ride Your Bike to Work Day – you get the idea. However, there is one random holiday that arrives April 11th that I can get behind, National Cheese Fondue Day. I don’t think there is a better reason to get a group of your best girlfriends, favorite couples, or even your family together to throw a fondue party. In the 1970s parties based around fondue were extremely popular and were a staple to group gatherings, so why not bring it back?

Since this holiday falls on a Saturday this year it can allow for a larger party gathering, but I suggest keeping it small and intimate. There is no particular decorating guideline that you have follow for this party – you can choose any color scheme you want as well as many or as few decorations as your heart desires. I personally think fondue of any kind is very messy so this is the perfect party to definitely stick to the disposable serving items. I love the look of those beautiful clear plates and bowls which would be perfect to have sitting around your fondue pot for people to take and go so they are able to move around with ease while eating yummy cheese. Another great addition here would be fun cups to serve cocktails or wine in for the elegant soiree.

If you are looking to dress things up a little balloons and party streamers are always my go to décor items. A bunch of 3-5 balloons on your mailbox or right outside the door make it a fun and welcoming surprise for your guests as they arrive. Streamers are great because you can add a pop of color to almost anywhere with very little effort.

No matter how big or small you choose to make the random Cheese Fondue party celebration Party Place has everything you need to keep it simple or dress it up a little. So, call up your best pals, go out and buy your favorite cheese, and stock up on tasty dipping items and celebrate!

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Easter Brunch

In my family if there is one thing that brings people together it is a holiday — we take holidays very seriously because they are always the perfect reason to throw a party and break out all of the decorations. Easter is a perfect time to do this because what better reason to celebrate friends and family than the resurrection of Christ? Even if you like to keep your Easter gathering small you can still make it feel grand and special. I have found that now I am a mother I want to make every holiday feel special and memorable, even if my baby might not remember it there will always be pictures to share with him.

One way to make this Easter memorable is to host a special brunch or lunch for those that you love. Plus, who doesn’t love a good reason to pop the bubbly?

When gathering the supplies to make your special Spring Time Easter Brunch think pastels and florals – there is no need to limit yourselves to bunnies and eggs. Now, I am not saying that a few plastic eggs spread here or there  isn’t okay, but try not to focus too much on the cliché decorations. If you have little ones like we do in my family I suggest doing up your table with nice linens and a few fresh flowers, but give them that fancy feeling without all the glass. Party Place has a wide variety of plastic champagne flutes, plastic tableware, and plastic serving dishes that look just like your classic crystal and china and will add an elegant flair to your party without worrying about what might get broken.

When it comes to the fun pops of the Easter season in your table spread think small details. Try buying green plastic silverware and orange party napkins and roll them up to look like little carrots —  a great way to display these is in a terracotta pot filled with glass pebbles and marbles.


Sticking with the carrot theme try spicing up your veggie tray with a little more attention to detail in your design making it into a large carrot made up of a wide variety of veggies. If you are up for a little bit more of a culinary challenge try making a veggie and bread bunny to serve your dip in to add a little extra Easter to the table.

Maybe you are not a culinary whiz and you would rather just serve the basics you can still make it light a springy with balloons, colorful napkins, a nice table cloth, and any other special touches that make your brunch or regular lunch with family and friends a little bit more special. Plus, I highly recommend an after meal Easter Egg hunt – in this family you are never too old to be out there looking for the special golden egg.

Regardless of what you serve and how you display it Party Place has everything you need to make beautiful memories with your family.

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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

It seems like we just said goodbye 2019 and hello 2020, but it’s already time to start thinking about the year full of parties ahead. I am sure many of you saw the viral posts being shared on Facebook laying out just how good this year is going to be for celebrating — if not let me catch you up: Valentine’s Day on a Friday, Cinco de Mayo on a Taco Tuesday, Fourth of July on a Saturday, Halloween also on a Saturday, Christmas Day on a Friday, and the New Year (2021) will start out with a three-day weekend! So, since the party gods have blessed us with these dates we have to go big this year.

Taco Tuesday is becoming a staple in the 21st century and millennials can take most of the credit for it, but no matter your age why not host your own celebration this year on Cinco de Mayo — I mean, do you really need more of a reason to get together with your friends and family to eat tacos? Lucky for you The Party Place has everything you need to pull off the perfect Cinco de Mayo party this year.

If keeping things simple is your ideal party style why not invite your favorite people over for a little build your own taco party. The idea here is simple all you really need are a few festive decorations and all of your favorite taco staples and toppings.

When it comes to the decor, think bright and colorful. This would be a great time to use paper flowers for fun pops of colors and accents, maybe even a multi-color fringe table skirt, colorful balloons to fill in space and greet your guest, and a few cactus accents never hurt anybody. If you are looking to make more of a statement, you can always impress with a large balloon feature, like this fun balloon creation in the shape of a cactus you can find on Pinterest.

The decorations are one way to wow your guest but food presentation is another great way to impress. When preparing the dishes for your fiesta you can grab a few of the short 6oz clear plastic cups and prepare individual-sized 7-layer taco dips.

The tiny dips will compliment your tacos but also make your guests feel that you paid close attention to detail with very little work.

Whether you are looking to go over the top or keep things simple, Party Place has everything you need to pull off the perfect Cinco de Mayo fiesta from clear plastic cups to colorful balloons and paper flowers.