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Give Thanks! (For Coffee + Tea + Cider)

Give Thanks

Howdy! With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to slow down, reflect, and give thanks for all things that were good this year. It really is a great time to just relax and be thankful. If you’re a college student like me or just live a busy life in general… coffee is probably something you’re thankful for. I know I am. It sounds so cliché for a college student to say this, but oh boy, I am so thankful for coffee. It has gotten me through many days where I have had to work until dawn on a project or paper or anything of the sorts!

coffee bar
Courtesy of

All that being said, I think it would be a fun party idea to throw a Fall/Thanksgiving Coffee and Tea party! It is getting colder by the second, and those hot and caffeinated drinks became way more than just a way to keep you awake. They make you all warm and fuzzy and keep you distracted from how cold you actually are standing outside.

These types of parties are fantastic for lowkey get-togethers that make the best memories.

The primary inspiration for this party are our Pumpkin Spice Hot Cups. These are so cute and oh-so-perfect for a coffee and tea party. Plus, they make clean up easy with no dishwashing. Anyways, these are perfect for coffee, tea, or even cider if you want to be festive!

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Multipack Hot Cups

The best way to throw together a coffee party is to get lots of different syrups, kinds of milk, and creamers to recreate your coffee shop go-to. Don’t worry about having the fanciest coffee maker in the world. People will love your party regardless because you are taking the time to make great memories and moments with all the important people in your life.

I know this is exactly what I will be doing for all my friends before we go on Thanksgiving break! A simple yet oh-so-fun party. Better yet, throw on a Christmas movie outside on a projector and cuddle up with blankets and your drinks. It doesn’t get better than that!

outdoor movie
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Fall Harvest Dinner Party

fall dinner party

Halloween has come and gone, and it is time for Fall to be in full swing! The weather is finally getting cooler, and it is the perfect time to throw a dinner party with warm drinks and delicious food.

My mom just hosted her own fall dinner party, and it was super cute! I am going to use her party as the main source of inspiration for this post. Trust me… she does it well. This party is a must! Not to mention that all the food was made by my sister as well. You can commission charcuterie boards through her with her business Cheese Wisely. You can find her Instagram here to order.

Anyways, let’s get into it!!

Dinner parties really do not need to be intimidating at all. You just get to throw a great dinner for your friends! They aren’t looking to be completely blown away, they are simply looking for quality time with YOU. That being said, it isn’t all that hard to host a Fall Harvest Dinner Party. You get your decorations, table pieces, dinnerware, and of course, the food.

mini charcuterie

I loved that my mom’s party featured my sister’s tiny charc boards… so that everyone had the opportunity to get what they like! If you’re anything like me, I tend to eat a lot of charcuterie at a party, so this is totally the best option to me. No need to overstuff before dinner when it is portioned out for you!

personal charcuterie board

Now, for dinner, that can be up to you. Soups are great because you can make them in bulk, and maybe even consider a meat dish, side dish, and of course bread! Think of things that wouldn’t be hard to make for multiple people, and things will be much smoother for you.

No need to worry about having all matching dinnerware either. I loved the natural, unsophisticated yet classy look my mom’s party had with the mixed dinnerware. It gives a really cozy vibe that totally gives me fall vibes.

Also, everyone loves a good balloon arch. Besides table pieces and napkins and other such things, decorations are minimal. A good balloon arch will do the trick. Consider even putting this fall leaf garland to add more spice to the arch. Choose any colors you like, and I can guarantee Party Place has all the colors you need.

fall balloon arch

Well, that is pretty much all you need to do to host a good party. Take a look at some of our fall favorites for all the party needs here.

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A Stranger than Usual Halloween Party

A Stranger Than Usual Halloween Party

With Halloween coming up shortly, it is time to think about the Halloween party you want to throw this year! Last time we talked about a Spooky Cute theme, so let’s change up the vibe if that wasn’t your style. A failproof party idea for Halloween is—drumroll please—Stranger Things! Yep, I am talking about that show everyone went absolutely nuts for a few years back, and with the new season coming out sooner than later, what better way to hype up the return of Stranger Things than with a Stranger Things party!

This is also a great theme for a Halloween party because if you have watched the show, you know it really gives that spooky, thrilling, Halloween vibe.  Here at The Party Place, we have you covered in all ways when it comes to throwing a Stranger Things party. We have napkins, plates, banners, and even a photo booth kit to take your party to the next level.

First off, at your party, you definitely have to serve Eggo waffles since those are Eleven’s favorite! What better way to serve them than on our waffle shaped plates! We also have some very fitting napkins that feature Eleven’s face with her iconic nosebleed. Definitely a showstopping addition to any Stranger Things party.  Another thing while we are on food… since we are serving those delicious, childhood nostalgia waffles, you might as well and set up a proper waffle bar!

waffle shaped plate
11 Napkin

Make it simple and sweet with fruit topping, chocolate chips, butter, whipped cream, and of course… syrup! This is a super simple way to pizazz your food at your party without breaking the bank.

Stranger Things Waffle Bar
Courtesy of Brittany D from Catch My Party

Now that is taken care of, let’s talk about the photo booth!

You can make an easy photo booth at home for great Instagram pictures with an expandable curtain rod that can fit between doorways. Attach a sheet with some heavy duty clips, and you’re golden. Pair that with our photo prop kit and you’ll have the cutest Stranger Things pictures of anyone!

Lastly, if you’re looking to spice up those decorations a bit more, why not recreate the famous Christmas lights alphabet! These can easily be done with a strand of lights and construction paper (to cut out the letters). This is a perfect addition to your party theme, and it will be the real selling point for any good Stranger Things party.

Well, no matter if you decide to do a Spooky Cute Halloween party or a Stranger Things one, Party Place has you covered! We can provide all the party supplies so that your parties go above and beyond!

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A Spookily Cute Party!

Spooky Cute Party

Halloween is my absolute all-time favorite holiday. Seriously, it is up there with Christmas. I think the decorations are so fun, the movies are great, and dressing up? I love that! It is a wonderful holiday that is filled with so much fun! Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday with a bunch of sweets! There is so much you can do for a Halloween party that doesn’t have to be filled with horror and gore! Spooky cute is trending, and let’s just say it is calling your name for this year’s Halloween party theme.

What’s spooky cute?

This is what I call a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics. It takes the scary aspects of Halloween and other such things, and it puts a cute, harmless twist on it! I love it! This about a witch or ghost. Scary stuff! However, brighten up the colors and make it a little softer and more childlike… you’ve got a spooky cute ghost and witch.

This image below captures the aesthetic perfectly. With colors like pastel green, lavender, peach orange,  black, and silver, you can have a softer more inviting look than something with dark green, orange, and black! I love the balloon arch with the one witch balloon. It adds a specific Halloween flair without being too gaudy or scary!

Halloween table
Courtesy of Catch My Party

We also have some napkins and plates that match this theme well found here.

Next, let’s talk about food! Anything and everything goes for a Halloween celebration. I think classic pumpkin cookies are a perfect edition to any table spread. Creative Kitchen right here in Fort Smith, AR can create a batch of pumpkin cookies that look straight picked from the patch.

pumpkin cookies
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Lastly, incorporating candy in a more sophisticated and theme-ready way is one way to elevate your spooky cute party! Things like test tubes with gummies or candy eyeballs can be a spooky cute vibe when done right! Again, focus on a good muted color palette that takes traditional Halloween colors and just brighten them up! It is the best way to ensure a truly fabulous Halloween party that looks trendy, aesthetic, and most importantly… spooky cute.

Halloween candy
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Stop on by Party Place for all your Halloween needs. Our balloons are perfect to incorporate the color scheme and don’t forget to look for serving utensils and plates!

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Let’s Fall in Love!

Fall engagement party

Oh boy! We are coming upon my absolute favorite season of the entire year! I love autumn so so so much, and I truly look forward to this season all year. As soon as it passes, I am already looking to the next fall season! What is not to love? The weather is absolutely perfect, the scent of pumpkin spice and apples everywhere, and all the lovely decorations. Call me crazy, but even more so than pumpkin spice and harvest apple candles, there is a truly distinct fall smell that descends upon the world that is so lovely. To me, this is the perfect time for love. Forget Valentine’s Day, I want to see love stories in the fall! That’s why today we will be talking about the perfect engagement party for the fall!

(Hence the name, Let’s Fall in Love.)

Anyhow, it would be truly adorable to throw an engagement party in September-October or early November. I have already provided three possibly color palettes that really accentuate the fall aspect without going into the Halloween or even Thanksgiving regions. The last thing we want is for someone to think you’re throwing a Halloween party instead of an engagement party (unless you want that of course!).

warm fall color palete
red fall color palette
neutral fall color palette

I envision a lovely little outdoor dinner setting either at a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or even your own backyard. These are natural elements that I feel are essential to a really fall inspired event that is also classy.

The table below, truly epitomizes the autumn-realness I want to achieve at this engagement party. The incorporate of green leaves, branches with berries, and fall flowers is immaculate! The simply dining placement with large candle sticks also adds an element of refinement as well as adds dynamic levels to the very horizontal dining space.

Look here to view our dining and catering supplies.

fall table
Courtesy of Sylvie Gil Photography

Continuing on the rustic-yet-refinedfall feeling, this cake would be perfect for your engagement party. It mimics that of a small wedding cake that blends beautifully with the table. Call Creative Kitchen right here in Fort Smith to get your engagement cake today! Show them this photo, and they will do you one better!

fall cake
Courtesy of Davy Whitener Photography

Lastly, I love the idea of also including a warm beverage cart at your party as well. People go insane for a good cup of cider or hot cocoa in the colder months! It would be a fun addition to an alcohol cart so that everyone can get that fall feeling and even the kiddos that come can be involved as well.

fall drink cart
Courtesy of Abby Jiu Photography

Even though I am nowhere near getting married, I definitely will be keeping these ideas in the back of my mind! I would love to have an engagement party or wedding in the fall for the weather alone! However, I also have just FALLen in love with all the colors and beautiful natural elements to miss this opportunity.

Happy fall!

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5 Foods to Make for a Relaxed Labor Day Celebration

Labor day celebration

Labor Day is coming up, so that means it is time to figure out how to put together a nice celebration for our friends and family. I have always preferred to do relaxed Labor Day parties because it is a day of relaxation for me. It is the last hurrah of the summer, and it is usually the perfect time to take a break since school and all other activities have started up again.

(Honestly, we should have a break every month in my opinion, but that still has yet to happen haha!)

labor day fruit skewer
Courtesy of Lydia Out Loud

Anyways, today we are going to get into five different foods you can easily make for whatever you end up doing for Labor Day. These will be quick and easy party foods and drinks that will surely be a major hit with all your guests.

  • Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies Treats

I think these are so fun and festive! I love Rice Krispies anyways, so these are the perfect party food to me. These are super simple to make and just require a little food die in the marshmallow mixture to get the patriotic colors. Great grab and go option for the kiddos and adults alike.

red, white, and blue rice krispies
Courtesy of Baking Beauty
  • Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Such a fun way to curb that sweet tooth without overloading on sugar. My sister always makes this fruit pizza for all of our patriotic celebrations, and it is always a hit! Super easy to do, and it is always a lot of fun arranging the fruit in pretty ways on top. This is a good food to have the kids help out with too so they can feel like part of the party process.

American fruit salad
Courtesy of Mom Dot
  • Festive Sangria

Honestly, I think this speaks for itself. Sangria is the perfect drink option for summer because it is so refreshing and tasty. This one uses several different types of fruit to get a full and dun summery flavor that also is quite festive! With fruits like watermelon and blueberries in this sangria, you’re sure to stay cooler out there in that last of the summer heat!

labor day drink
Courtesy of Bren Did
  • Stars and Stripes Popcorn

There is nothing simpler to do for a party than popcorn! You pop the corn, add a little colored white chocolate, and then some fun star sprinkles. I make this for lots of holidays (just switching up the colors and sprinkles of course), and I can say with full confidence that it is always a hit.

labor day popcorn
Courtesy of Oh My Creative
  • Fun Fruit Salad

Lastly, we have a fruit salad. It is simple enough, and it is a good way to get your kids to eat more than just cookies and burgers at the Labor Day cookout or party you host. This is easy, fun, healthy, and always a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love a bowl of fruit!

Be sure to check out Party Place for all your party supplies! We have all the plates and cutlery you could ever need, and with all this delicious food, you’ll need it!

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Back to School Party Ideas for Your Kids


Perhaps your kids are devastated with summer coming to a close, and maybe you’re excited about getting the kids out of your hair for a little bit. Regardless of how you feel about the end of summer, celebrate the start of a new school year with a party for your kids. This will get them excited about starting a new school year, and it is a great way for them to make new friends and rekindle their school friendships before the homework starts rolling in.

We have three back to school party theme ideas for you, and you can decide which one speaks to you the most!

  1. Keeping it Simple

You can totally just go with a classic back to school party for a simple and effective theme. Personally, I am a sucker for the classics, so this is a great option! I love this simplistic yet adorable party from Momo Party. By doing a mini balloon arch and adding in some comically big school supplies, they’ve been able to make a simple and cute back to school party that gets right to the point. I think another aspect that makes this theme successful is by keeping the palette limited and running with the school supplies for your main form of decoration.

keeping it simple
Courtesy of Momo Party
  1. Too Cool for School

For the kids that don’t vibe with school that much, this is a great way to play it cool with them while also motivating them for the school year. Throw them a party that lets them know just how cool they really are! Lots of kids use emojis like it is their own language, so try to keep up with the latest trends to really get their approval. For this party, I imagine that one emoji with sunglasses as a focal point for decoration. Host the party with ease by including your kids’ favorite foods and activities so they feel like summer will never end!

Check out all of our emoji party products here.

emoji party
Courtesy of Rebecca’s Parties
  1. Kindergarten Kickoff

Maybe this is the first time your kid is going to big kid school! This one is a little different than the others because they are technically going to school for the first time, but it still is a fun idea! This is a great way to invite all the neighborhood kids so everyone can make friends before the first day. It can be intimidating not knowing anyone, so get that out of the way with a kindergarten kickoff.

I suggest going with primary colors and alphabet balloons to signify all the wonderful and new things your kids will be learning this year. These are some formative years, so let’s celebrate them!

kindergarten kick off
Courtesy of Satsuma Designs

Remember to tag us in all your parties @the.partyplace on Instagram!

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How to Throw an End of Summer Picnic Bash

Girls with kindergarten teacher
picnic header
Courtesy of Picnic Thyme

With the end of summer coming sooner than we want, it’s time we throw a party that will end the summer with a big bang! Picnics are one of the most summery things I can think of, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a huge picnic.

Picnics are super on-trend as well right now, and I think that there are so many great ways you can decorate for a picnic to pick any kind of vibe you’re going for. Personally, I am a huge fan of the cottage core and flowy vibe that just gives me total Secret Garden vibes. Like hello, is that not everyone’s dream to have their own dreamy picnic?

Anyways, picnics are great too because the food is easy to make since it needs to be picnic basket portable! You also can break out all the fun patterned quilt blankets your grandmother gave you 10 years ago, and they’ll be perfect!

Since we’re going for a dreamy, cottage vibe for this picnic, we should think about a color palette. Pastels, florals, and fruit are perfect to start with when planning your picnic bash.

My picks from the Party Place: these lemonade plates, fresh mint plastic cups, and these floral cupcake picks.

Also, for seating, think about different cushions you can use for extra comfort, but if you don’t have any, blankets are also perfectly fine!

picnic party

Courtesy of Dream and Party LLC

We love the way this pastel and floral setup uses both the cushions and blankets for the picnic bash.

It’s also a great way to utilize wood pallets for a tabletop to eat on, but it is not necessary to throw a good picnic. Go to your local wood supplier or home improvement store to inquire about free wood pallets for all your outdoor party needs.

You can also do something as simple as a white sheet for your picnic and really invest your time in the food and candles. For example, the photo below is a very elegant picnic party that doesn’t break the bank with lots of seating or decoration. Simply buy some dinnerware and candles and you’ll be on your way to the prettiest picnic!

picnic 2

Courtesy of TikTok

Backyard picnic bashes are also an optimal time to do an outdoor movie screening, so get those projectors out and show a classic fan-favorite film! This is the perfect time to show your kids all those great 80s classic movies like The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink! With a picnic bash to signify the end of the summer, the options are endless! You can customize the decorations and food to your preferences while always being able to stay within the theme. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family while doing all the trendy party themes! Maybe your kid will film a TikTok and go viral, who knows!

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Fireworks Fourth of July

independence day

Honestly, I love fireworks. Maybe it is a cliche to love fireworks on the 4th of July, but I don’t care. They are beautiful and magical, and that is all that matters to me. Anyways, I think fireworks are the epitome of the 4th of July. When I think of the 4th, besides American flags, I just think about fireworks! So, I want to talk about how to decorate for a firework-themed 4th of July party!

The Party Place has the perfect decorations for a firework party… including everything from napkins to tablescape decorations. Plus, the 4th of July is an easy party to put together. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the outdoors and its natural beauty. All you need are a few table decorations and a photo opp area to get that patriotic pizazz!

Speaking of napkins, I just love these! They are explosive in design and color, literally! They have fireworks printed on them from edge to edge and I love it.

firework napkin

I love patterned napkins paired with solid color plates, so I would opt for red or white plates to tie in the other colors in these otherwise blue napkins. Therefore, you’re sticking within your theme, but you’re also allowing the napkins to shine since they have the firework design on them.

That being said, I am not opposed to matching patterned firework cups. These are too cute to pass up and would look great with those red plates we mentioned earlier.

Firework cup

For table decor, I would go with simple candle votives, and bigger vases or baskets filled with sparklers and confetti poppers to get that firework feeling even on the table. Pair it with a few shiny tassel accessories and it will be the cutest table set up you’ve ever seen. You could even add a few bigger confetti poppers for the older guests, such as these Patriotic Confetti Cannons.

Now, for the big guns! A patriotic balloon arch is the perfect way to be trendy, fun, and have a finished looking party without tons of work. I love this one because it has red, white, and blue balloons as well as some spectacular firework-feeling silver balloons I am obsessed with, truly.

red, white and blue balloon arch

The Party Place has every balloon imaginable so show them this photo, and they can help you find exactly what you need. I also love that this arch includes some fun patriotic garland, and The Party Place offers several different options such as the one found here.

With this, you’ll have the cutest spot to take photos this 4th of July! Oh, and don’t forget to tag us in all your photos on Instagram @the_partyplace so we can see all of your cute parties and celebrations this 4th!

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Fun in the Sun: Summer Birthday Ideas

Summer birthday ideas

So, I’m a June baby, which means I have had plenty of experience in throwing pool parties, beach bashes, and everything else “summer” related that I could make into a birthday party. It just made sense! As a kid, who the heck wouldn’t want a pool party for a birthday? I vividly remember playing all sorts of pool games, eating cookie cake and ice cream, and just celebrating my birthday out in the sun. It was a lot of fun, and I think all kids can enjoy a nice beachy, summer-y birthday party. So, to all the summer birthday folks out there, I’ve got a fun beach themed party to throw for your summer celebration!

Beach theme party

Courtesy of Catch My Party

I like to go with classic beach vibes when I plan a summer birthday party. Think: bright colors, the ocean, sunglasses, beach accessories, fruit, and popsicles. These might sound like random items, but read them again. When you read that list you immediately thought back to all those fun summer memories at the beach as a kid, right? Yep. That’s what I thought. It’s simple, really! Party Place makes it even easier with a huge selection of beach and summer themed dinnerware, decorations, party props, and balloons that can be found in store and online here.

One of my favorite beach party decorations has to be this beach ball pinata.

Beach Ball Pinata

 Seriously?! Could that be any cuter?

Food is easy too! Just take that list of summer essentials I gave you nd get those ideas rocking! You’d be surprised at just how cute and clever you can get with these beach snacks. For example, I love the idea of using crushed graham crackers on the birthday cake to imitate sand.

Beach birthday cake

Courtesy of The Little Epicurean

Oh, and these jello cups with little umbrellas and floating bears, I am actually obsessed.

Pool Jello Cups

Courtesy of Stacy Ahrens

Finally, I want to show you these “crabwiches.” Easy, tasty, and too cute! Perfect to grab and go to fill up those kids and fuel them for their pool fun. Just remember to wait to swim after you eat so you don’t cramp up.

Crab sandwiches

Courtesy of Chelsea Francis

With all this food, I’m getting hungry and totally wanting to throw a pool party. Well, my birthday is this month so maybe I’ll do just that. See you there?