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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: Making Your Presents Stand Out

Wrapping gifts in something unique and fun adds a level of personal touch and thoughtfulness to gift-giving, and it's a fantastic way of ensuring your gift is a special success. You can do so much better than simple plain paper and bows. With a bit of creativity, everyday materials and supplies from our gift-wrapping section, you can transform your gift-wrapping into a memorable part of the present itself. Here are some innovative ideas to inspire your next gift-giving occasion.

  • Fabric Wraps

One way of stepping up your game and being eco-friendly is by utilizing fabric instead of traditional wrapping paper. Going to your local fabric or thrift store, you can get nice pieces of scrap fabrics are scarves to use for gift wrap. Known as Furoshiki in Japan, it is a beautiful and meaningful way of wrapping gifts and gives the recipient an extra gift in the fabric itself, which can be reused in multiple ways.

  • Natural Elements

With paper, bows, and bags from our extensive collection on our website, we can offer tons of options for a more traditional way of wrapping. However, to add some pizazz, we suggest using dried flowers, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or dried fruit slices. This will add a beautiful, rustic, earthy feel and fragrant touch. You can attach them to bags and boxes with various types of ribbons or twine for a simple yet elegant look.

Courtesy of Allana via Pitnerest

  • Personalized Stamps, Stencils, and Patterns

Create custom wrapping paper using stamps and stencils. You can buy your own sets of stamps and stencils from local craft stores, conversely, you can make your own using potatoes, foam, or carving blocks. This adds a wonderful personal touch and completely unique bit of design to the gift, making it a sentimental and beautiful gift. 

Courtesy of Martina Calv via Pinterest

With these ideas in mind, you can keep all your gift-giving fresh and fun. Come on down to Party Place or shop online to see our full selection of gift-wrapping materials.

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Celebrate Summer with the Best Party Supplies in Arkansas

June is here, it's time for long, hot summer nights, backyard barbecues, chilling at the pool, and endless opportunities to experience summer to the fullest! To accommodate all your summer party supplies needs, come on down to Party Place in Fort Smith, AR to make your events unforgettable.

Backyard Barbecues

There is nothing better than a time to chill with friends and family and eat good food. Nothing says summer quite like a summer cookout. Fire up the grill, get some drinks, and soak up the sun surrounded by your favorite people. Don’t forget the selection of outdoor games and activities, having a wide variety of games to satisfy everyone’s interests will keep people entertained for hours.

June is synonymous with wedding season. This is always one of the busiest, jam packed months for wedding celebrations. Whether you are planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding reception, Party Place is guaranteed to have elegant and chic supplies to fit any theme. Visit our store to see everything we can offer you, and feel free to contact us about a balloon consultation to fulfill your wildest balloon arch dreams.

Last but not least, for the endless pool parties you will surely host or attend this June, you need to come to our store or shop online for the perfect pool party supplies to emulate a beach bungalow or a tropical paradise. Make your poolside bash a splash hit, and decorate your pool and backyard area to the nines. Transport your guests to pure paradise and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

For more party ideas and a wide selection of party supplies, check out our website or shop in store, and make June unforgettable.

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Summer Party Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and with the sudden heat wave, who's ready to party! What better way to get in the mood for summer than to host some incredible outdoor parties.  The opportunities are endless for summer party ideas that celebrate the season, beat the heat, and are crowd-pleasers! Today we bring you 3 creative ideas to help you make the best of the sunny days ahead.

  • Tropical Paradise: Transform your backyard with tropical flowers, bistro lights, and summery music to produce one tropical paradise. If you want to go all out, consider getting faux or planted palm trees and a few buckets of sand from a local hardware store to bring the beach to you. Encourage everyone to dress in their favorite beachwear and bring their favorite fruity drink! Get festive and have fun! It is island time. Check out all of our island-themed party decor here.

  • DIY Ice Cream Bar: When it is simply too warm to do anything else outside, my favorite simple summer party idea is an ice cream bar. Get an assortment of flavors from your local grocery store along with your favorite toppings and sauces and you will be good to go. You can also have guests bring their own toppings to get the most assortment and to cut your own costs. These Ice Cream Treat Cups are perfect for a party like this.

  • Outdoor Movie Night: Like I said before, I love to spend time outside. I regularly set up my projector on my balcony and have myself a nice little movie night. I absolutely recommend investing in a projector and screen for your backyard this summer. There are some extremely affordable options nowadays, so do not feel like this is out of reach! Get some cozy blankets, popcorn, and all those summertime classic movies. What a time! These Popcorn boxes are perfect for nights like these.

Come to Party Place for all your supplies needs and make sure to check out our other party ideas all summer long.

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Summer Bliss: Hosting the Ultimate Chill Pool Party

The temperatures are rising and pool season is almost here! Whether you are a summer baby  or just want a reason to host a pool party, we are here for you. Embrace the carefree spirit of the season so you can relax, unwind, and create some great memories with friends and family.

Transform your backyard into a tropical oasis using colorful decorations, lush greenery, and ambient lighting to really set the tone. The atmosphere must be festive to throw the ultimate party. With some summer tunes, string lights, tiki torches, and inflatable flamingos and palm trees, you are on the way to hosting a stellar pool party.

Check out all of our summer party supplies and decorations here

Something more essential than the atmosphere is making sure your pool is sparkling and clean. You cannot expect to host the best pool party ever without a spectacularly clean pool. Skim the surface and make sure the temperature is up to par. Think about providing pool inflatables and water toys for guests’ enjoyment.

Also, think about sizzling on the grill to treat your guests to a salivating selection of pool party classics likes burgers and hot dogs. They can be super simple, just make sure the grilling is on point. With some beer and perhaps a classic summer cocktail, you can create one heck of a meal. Don't forget the snacks like a vegetable tray and chip bar!

Remember to practice safety and create a safe environment to prevent any injuries or accidents. Keep a close eye on your guests and have a great time.

Stop by Party Place to get all your supplies for the best chill pool party ever, and do not hesitate to ask us for decoration ideas. We are here to make your party dreams come true.

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Park Season and Picnic Parties

I am speaking from the heart when I say one of my favorite pastimes is just chilling in a park. I love to bring a couple of books, maybe some drawing supplies, a small speaker, and my trusty picnic mat I have had for years.

Picnic parties are my favorite. My birthday is in the summer so I am no stranger to having a picnic birthday party. Though, you do not need to be having a birthday to enjoy a picnic party. When the weather is warm and sunny, I do not mess around. I am calling all my friends and telling them to get ready for a picnic party that evening (true story).

Picnic parties are quite easy, and you can make them as well put together or as relaxed as you like.

If you would rather have something a little more sophisticated, consider going to your local hardware store to acquire some wood pallets for a makeshift table like this set up. Be sure to include the sheet on the ground with some small cushions for ultimate comfort as well if doing this table-type picnic party.

For food, go for charcuterie, small plates type beat. People love it, looks great, tastes great, and cuts down on prep time. No need to spend tons of time washing dishes afterwards, go for disposable options. Party Place has every color imaginable and can fit any picnic party vibe. Look here for options.

Consider adding some flowers and tapered candles to get a really finished, whimsical look to your picnic party as well.

Don’t forget a camera or a speaker when planning this shindig. Bonus points if it is a film camera.

This is an easy, fun, and memorable party theme for any occasion this spring and summer. Throw a picnic party for yourself, you will not regret it.

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Three Great Balloon Arch Ideas

Here at Party Place, we are experts in various balloon creations. From balloon arches to pillars, we can craft nearly anything for any theme. Which just so happens to pair oh so well with today’s blog topic: balloon arch ideas!

Of course, balloon arches have existed for many decades, but I think it is only recently we have seen an explosion of creativity in the balloon arch world. So, here is a round-up of my three favorite balloon arch ideas for spring.

Keeping with the spring theme, I am obsessed with the pastel arches that feature smaller balloons that form flowers. These are perfect for tons of different party themes such as a spring soirée, birthday, engagement, or just a fun dinner party to name a few. Okay, go off flower power!

Now, moving on from flowers and to fruits, this cherry-themed balloon arch is genuinely the cutest (and so creative!) arch I have seen in a hot minute. You can even switch out the base colors a bit if you would prefer, but I just love the usage of the carnival balloons to craft these cherries. I will simply need to plan a cherry party now. 

Okay, disco queen! The next arch is also a photo backdrop that I adore. The Disco ball balloons with that 70s-style, sherbet palette for the base are so flirty and fun. However, the biggest star of the show for me is the fringe backdrop. I love how thick the fringe strands are and adds a ton of depth!

Contact Party Place for all your balloon arch needs, whether you want us to craft an arch for the gods or you are just looking for a plethora of balloon options. We have got you covered.

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Flower Power Party

The best part about spring is definitely the plethora of fresh flowers that are present in every garden, park, grocery store, and local flower shops! It makes me think the world has truly begun anew, and there are so many possibilities of what could come. 

I think it would be a fun party idea to host your own flower bouquet party! There is a shop that has this “build your own bouquet” bar that is just exquisite. You get to pick everything out, and it feels so personal. They use lots of wild flowers and other nontraditional flowers for bouquets, and they are always simply stunning.

So, that being said, my perfect Spring Flower Power party involves making our own take-home bouquets with all the local and wild flowers we can find! No need to spend tons of money when you can forage around public and natural spaces. Just make sure you’re not taking flowers from someone’s garden or on private property.

This is stunning decor for this type of party, and with fishing line, flower wire and something to hang flowers on, you’ve got the prettiest decor.

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Hen Box

You can totally go buy bulk flowers for this party if you prefer, it truly is up to you.

This is the perfect party to showcase those cottage core vibes, so do not miss out on that.

If you aren’t into bouquets then make flower crowns, necklaces, or anything else that lets you live out those garden girl dreams.

Stop by Party Place for chic decor, tablecloths, and cutlery for all those extra odds and ends. Consider pastel balloons for an easy, show stopping arch too.  Online or in store, we've got you covered!

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March Madness? Throw a Basketball Party

With basketball season in full swing and March Madness nearing, now is the perfect time to throw a basketball themed party. This is also a great option for anyone that is a huge basketball fan with a birthday coming up or for school basketball banquets. Regardless of if you just want to celebrate March Madness or want a basketball party in general, we have some great ideas for you.

Party Place has a fantastic selection of basketball themed party essentials like utensils, plates, cups, napkins, decorations, and cute little extras. We also have some fitting centerpieces, team specific party bags, and so much more. You can check out the full collection here or in-store.

Alright! Let’s get into some ideas for the basketball party whilst using the Party Place collection!

Let’s start of strong with the food options. The best part about sports parties, especially basketball ones, is that it is usually pretty easy to make your food match the theme. Since basketball uses an orange, round ball, with black circular rings, it it pretty easy to recreate the ball on various foods!

My three favorites are shown below. These mandarin oranges are so cutie and easy to recreate for sure. Additionally, the cake pops really hit the sweet spot and are an easy alternative to a big cake. Lastly, these cheese puff parties are simply to die for. With a regular printer, cup, and sharpie, you can have the darndest basketball hoop snacks ever.

 Every party food smorgasbord needs a sick table setup. This table below is serving as my big inspiration for color palette and vibe. Let’s take it to the next level though by replacing the black and white striped balloons with these basketball ones and adding this incredible Spalding Ball Table Cover to the mix. We are obsessed with this.


In addition to all of the fun decor we have to offer for table centerpieces and photo booths as found here here, I love the idea of adding in a “Team Shop” to your party. You can find these inexpensive mini basketballs online or at most big retail box stores, and set up your own shop to “buy” a basketball. Think about adding custom jerseys and shopping bags as well to really amp up the bit. This takes party favor to a completely different level.


I love this idea so much, and i think it adds a flavor of true uniqueness to your party that would have people talking about it for ages!

Come shop at Party Place for the best and local options for all your party needs.

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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor

Courtesy of Life of Sarah

If you love gold, the color green, rainbows, and beer, more than likely you are a fan of Saint Patrick’s Day. Well, lucky you! We are sharing our favorite decoration ideas for Saint Patrick's Day this year.

Everyone loves a good balloon arch, or moreover a balloon sculpture! I think we generalize our balloon creations too much by saying arch when really its just a balloon masterpiece. This one is definitely a favorite of mine, and it would be so cute for photos at your party whether personal or for a business.

Purchase balloons here. Photo via Balloon Therapy on Instagram

Now, who said anything about needing real gold to properly celebrate Saint Patrick's Day properly? Create your own trail to a fantastic pop of gold with gold foil wrapped candies and chocolate coins! These are crowd pleasers, easy decorations, and inexpensive.

I love the greenery on this table as well that really adds to the springy vibes of the holiday while keeping on theme.

Photo courtesy of Best Friends for Frosting

Keeping with table decor, if you are more into the pastels and flowers, then perhaps this is the way to go for you! With dried flowers, pastel palettes, and rainbows galore, this table is sure to satisfy your sweet side.

Photo courtesy of Kara’s Party Ideas

Lastly, this bar cart decor is just to die for. I think bar carts are an easy way to look like you did a lot of decor work without actually having to buy too much. Check out everything Party Place has to offer for this great holiday both in store and online here.

May the luck of the Irish be with you.

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A Galentine’s Day Party Made for the Girlies

I recently went on a weekend cabin trip in Hochatown with my girlies. You know, the good ol’ hole up in the cabin, hot tub all night long, lots of jams, and board games type beat. Not that long ago, I moved back to the United States. So, for some of my friends, this cabin weekend was the first time I had seen them since moving back.

I love my girlies. Some people might refer to what we call “the girlies” as their girl gang, sisters, or some other affectionate term. Well, whatever you call your version of the girlies lets celebrate Galentine’s properly with a party simply made for the girlies.

What does it mean to be made for the girlies? 

I feel like it is something sweet, magical, meaningful, and a party truly written by a woman.

For me and my girlies, this would entail a bottle of wine, a meal we all cooked together, some sort of dessert, and for Valentine’s Day, some sappy romance movie.

So, that being said, here is my idea of a Galentine’s Day party made for the girlies.

Keeping the same trail of thought in line, let’s do this dinner party style. We all love to dress on theme, so that is exactly what I am suggesting you do too. Think hearts, pinks, reds, and all that cheesy, cliché, Valentine’s Day goodness. Something like the photo below is a casual but on-theme option for sure.

photo courtesy of Lash Next Door
Photo courtesy of Everlasting Fabric
Photo courtesy of Lady Decluttered

Now, for the dinner party, think extravaganza on the table setting. Messy but sophisticated, dripping in hearts, flower petals, and candles. Yes. Please.

For a menu, I feel that pasta dishes are always a crowd-pleaser and easier to make for multiple people. Why make your life difficult by doing a complicated meat dish when you can do a solid Cacio e Pepe or Vodka sauce pasta? Yeah, that’s what we thought!

Okay, and lastly, for the movie. I am not going to tell you which movie to watch, that is totally up to you.

However, I am going to suggest doing a movie snack board. Think charcuterie but with chocolate-covered strawberries, pretzels, popcorn, and all that good stuff.

Additionally, if you have a projector, bust that out to make it feel super special. There is something about using a projector that really sets the tone that a TV screen just cannot do.

That is my lowkey, for the girlies Galentine’s Day party. For all your cutlery, dinnerware, and decoration needs, Party Place has what you need. Check out their online offerings here.

Cheers to that.