Party Ideas

Eat, Sleep, Dunk: March Madness Party

With the 2023 March Madness season in full swing, it only feels right to throw a party. I am sure everyone who observes this wild time has been through some highs and lows already with their dream team lineups and bracket formulations. I am not the most well-versed in basketball, but I enjoy some friendly […]

Feeling Lucky? A Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and surely you are wondering what you are going to do for this very green holiday. My first choice would be hopping on a flight to Dublin to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the motherland, but obviously, this is out of the question for most people. If you are […]

Reach for the Stars: An Oscars Watch Party

Image ©razoomanetu To be completely honest, I really do not know what happens at the Oscars. I never know who wins and much less do I know who was nominated. If you ask me for even a movie that has won an Oscar, I can guarantee I would not give a correct answer. Tragic? Yes, […]

30th Birthday Bash

I love the movie 13 Going on 30. It is absolutely one of my all-time favorite rom-coms, and I definitely think everyone should watch it at least once. There are so many iconic moments in that movie, and I will truly never forget Jennifer Garner performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the rainbow-striped dress. Truly, it […]