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A Stranger than Usual Halloween Party

A Stranger Than Usual Halloween Party

With Halloween coming up shortly, it is time to think about the Halloween party you want to throw this year! Last time we talked about a Spooky Cute theme, so let’s change up the vibe if that wasn’t your style. A failproof party idea for Halloween is—drumroll please—Stranger Things! Yep, I am talking about that show everyone went absolutely nuts for a few years back, and with the new season coming out sooner than later, what better way to hype up the return of Stranger Things than with a Stranger Things party!

This is also a great theme for a Halloween party because if you have watched the show, you know it really gives that spooky, thrilling, Halloween vibe.  Here at The Party Place, we have you covered in all ways when it comes to throwing a Stranger Things party. We have napkins, plates, banners, and even a photo booth kit to take your party to the next level.

First off, at your party, you definitely have to serve Eggo waffles since those are Eleven’s favorite! What better way to serve them than on our waffle shaped plates! We also have some very fitting napkins that feature Eleven’s face with her iconic nosebleed. Definitely a showstopping addition to any Stranger Things party.  Another thing while we are on food… since we are serving those delicious, childhood nostalgia waffles, you might as well and set up a proper waffle bar!

waffle shaped plate
11 Napkin

Make it simple and sweet with fruit topping, chocolate chips, butter, whipped cream, and of course… syrup! This is a super simple way to pizazz your food at your party without breaking the bank.

Stranger Things Waffle Bar
Courtesy of Brittany D from Catch My Party

Now that is taken care of, let’s talk about the photo booth!

You can make an easy photo booth at home for great Instagram pictures with an expandable curtain rod that can fit between doorways. Attach a sheet with some heavy duty clips, and you’re golden. Pair that with our photo prop kit and you’ll have the cutest Stranger Things pictures of anyone!

Lastly, if you’re looking to spice up those decorations a bit more, why not recreate the famous Christmas lights alphabet! These can easily be done with a strand of lights and construction paper (to cut out the letters). This is a perfect addition to your party theme, and it will be the real selling point for any good Stranger Things party.

Well, no matter if you decide to do a Spooky Cute Halloween party or a Stranger Things one, Party Place has you covered! We can provide all the party supplies so that your parties go above and beyond!

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