Party Ideas

Bohemian Baby Shower

Spring has sprung and so have several soon-to-be mommas that I know — have you ever noticed that it feels like Spring is always the time that people are announcing a pregnancy or the birth of their child? I personally gave birth to a winter baby, but I know at least five ladies expecting babies […]

Cheese Fondue Party

My little sister is obsessed with random holidays that take place throughout a month like National Donut Day or  National Ride Your Bike to Work Day – you get the idea. However, there is one random holiday that arrives April 11th that I can get behind, National Cheese Fondue Day. I don’t think there is […]

Easter Brunch

In my family if there is one thing that brings people together it is a holiday — we take holidays very seriously because they are always the perfect reason to throw a party and break out all of the decorations. Easter is a perfect time to do this because what better reason to celebrate friends […]

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Taco Tuesday is becoming a staple in the 21st century and millennials can take most of the credit for it, but no matter your age why not host your own celebration this year on Cinco de Mayo — I mean, do you really need more of a reason to get together with your friends and family to eat tacos?