Disney Frozen 2 Deluxe Anna Women’s Costume


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Follow Your HeartnThe mysterious singing voice may not be calling to princess Anna, but nothing has ever stopped her from following her heart (especially if it?s leading to Elsa)! Even when her literal heart was turning to solid ice, she followed her sister into danger to save what she cared about most. Luckily when she makes the same decision in Frozen 2, Anna is better prepared for the new threats she must face with Elsa!nWhen Anna first ventured into a frozen summer to bring her sister home, all she had for the journey was a dress (even Wandering Oaken?s Trading Post didn?t have more practical traveling clothes to offer). Now, with a wiser head on her shoulders and a calmer evaluation of the journey ahead, Arendelle?s princess has a warmer look that features practical layers (including pants) that keep her ready to follow her sister into fire, mist, and each danger ahead!nFun DetailsnGet ready to venture into unknown territories with this Deluxe Frozen 2.

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