Holiday Leaves Embossed Hot Stamping On Brown Kraft


Flomo 1924355 Holiday Leaves Embossed Hot Stamping On Brown Kraft – Case Of 240

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We are an entity focused on finding great products that clients will love which leads to increase in product exposure. We have a unique and eclectic mixture of holiday items, gifts, decorative and personal accessories. We have business growth with minimal legwork and provide exposure to your unique design. Our innovative and creative products save your time and money. Holiday Leaves Embossed Hot Stamping on Brown Kraft Gift Bags [Large]With all of the time and effort spent on choosing the right gift, let our dazzling assortment of Christmas gift bags be the finishing touch to top off that special present. No matter how big or small the surprise, we have the bag to wrap it all up beautifully. We understand that everyone’s holiday personality is different, and that’s why we cater to all the styles. Whether traditional, modern, for kids, and more – we have a huge assortment to compliment all of the gifts under the tree. Size: LargeMeasures: 10.5″ x 13′ x 5.5″