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Cinderella never gets her due, does she? Well, yeah, she does at the end of the movie, obviously. What kind of fairy tale would it be if that didn't happen? But before that, she gets pretty terribly treated by her supposed "sisters". Instead of being nice to her they just make her cook and clean. And you think, "Okay, well that's not very nice but it can't be that bad. I have to cook and clean too." But on top of all of that they also take every opportunity to look down on her and make her life miserable. It's as if they think their mission is to make sure Cinderella never ever feels happy a day in her whole life. What jerks. They are not good sisters at all. And the mom is worse, obviously, because those sisters learned their nastiness from their mom and they can't even do half as good a job as she does being mean. Thank goodness for fairy godmothers, right?So finally, Cinderella's fairy godmother shows up to get her to the ball so she can meet the prince and fall in love yada yada and all that, but if we were Cinderella, after just a couple minutes we'd be like "Uh, hey fairy godmother, I've been living with these monster women for like half my life. Couldn't you have shown up just a little bit sooner?" It's a fair point, to be perfectly honest. Fairy godmothers have no sense of timing. After Cinderella becomes a princess, you think she's ever inviting that fairy godmother over? Obviously yes because Cinderella is the nicest person ever, but we'd be hopping mad for a while! The lesson here is: be like Cinderella. She's a class act.


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