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Park Season and Picnic Parties

I am speaking from the heart when I say one of my favorite pastimes is just chilling in a park. I love to bring a couple of books, maybe some drawing supplies, a small speaker, and my trusty picnic mat I have had for years.

Picnic parties are my favorite. My birthday is in the summer so I am no stranger to having a picnic birthday party. Though, you do not need to be having a birthday to enjoy a picnic party. When the weather is warm and sunny, I do not mess around. I am calling all my friends and telling them to get ready for a picnic party that evening (true story).

Picnic parties are quite easy, and you can make them as well put together or as relaxed as you like.

If you would rather have something a little more sophisticated, consider going to your local hardware store to acquire some wood pallets for a makeshift table like this set up. Be sure to include the sheet on the ground with some small cushions for ultimate comfort as well if doing this table-type picnic party.

For food, go for charcuterie, small plates type beat. People love it, looks great, tastes great, and cuts down on prep time. No need to spend tons of time washing dishes afterwards, go for disposable options. Party Place has every color imaginable and can fit any picnic party vibe. Look here for options.

Consider adding some flowers and tapered candles to get a really finished, whimsical look to your picnic party as well.

Don’t forget a camera or a speaker when planning this shindig. Bonus points if it is a film camera.

This is an easy, fun, and memorable party theme for any occasion this spring and summer. Throw a picnic party for yourself, you will not regret it.

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