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Three Great Balloon Arch Ideas

Here at Party Place, we are experts in various balloon creations. From balloon arches to pillars, we can craft nearly anything for any theme. Which just so happens to pair oh so well with today’s blog topic: balloon arch ideas!

Of course, balloon arches have existed for many decades, but I think it is only recently we have seen an explosion of creativity in the balloon arch world. So, here is a round-up of my three favorite balloon arch ideas for spring.

Keeping with the spring theme, I am obsessed with the pastel arches that feature smaller balloons that form flowers. These are perfect for tons of different party themes such as a spring soirée, birthday, engagement, or just a fun dinner party to name a few. Okay, go off flower power!

Now, moving on from flowers and to fruits, this cherry-themed balloon arch is genuinely the cutest (and so creative!) arch I have seen in a hot minute. You can even switch out the base colors a bit if you would prefer, but I just love the usage of the carnival balloons to craft these cherries. I will simply need to plan a cherry party now. 

Okay, disco queen! The next arch is also a photo backdrop that I adore. The Disco ball balloons with that 70s-style, sherbet palette for the base are so flirty and fun. However, the biggest star of the show for me is the fringe backdrop. I love how thick the fringe strands are and adds a ton of depth!

Contact Party Place for all your balloon arch needs, whether you want us to craft an arch for the gods or you are just looking for a plethora of balloon options. We have got you covered.

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