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Fall Harvest Dinner Party

fall dinner party

Halloween has come and gone, and it is time for Fall to be in full swing! The weather is finally getting cooler, and it is the perfect time to throw a dinner party with warm drinks and delicious food.

My mom just hosted her own fall dinner party, and it was super cute! I am going to use her party as the main source of inspiration for this post. Trust me… she does it well. This party is a must! Not to mention that all the food was made by my sister as well. You can commission charcuterie boards through her with her business Cheese Wisely. You can find her Instagram here to order.

Anyways, let’s get into it!!

Dinner parties really do not need to be intimidating at all. You just get to throw a great dinner for your friends! They aren’t looking to be completely blown away, they are simply looking for quality time with YOU. That being said, it isn’t all that hard to host a Fall Harvest Dinner Party. You get your decorations, table pieces, dinnerware, and of course, the food.

mini charcuterie

I loved that my mom’s party featured my sister’s tiny charc boards… so that everyone had the opportunity to get what they like! If you’re anything like me, I tend to eat a lot of charcuterie at a party, so this is totally the best option to me. No need to overstuff before dinner when it is portioned out for you!

personal charcuterie board

Now, for dinner, that can be up to you. Soups are great because you can make them in bulk, and maybe even consider a meat dish, side dish, and of course bread! Think of things that wouldn’t be hard to make for multiple people, and things will be much smoother for you.

No need to worry about having all matching dinnerware either. I loved the natural, unsophisticated yet classy look my mom’s party had with the mixed dinnerware. It gives a really cozy vibe that totally gives me fall vibes.

Also, everyone loves a good balloon arch. Besides table pieces and napkins and other such things, decorations are minimal. A good balloon arch will do the trick. Consider even putting this fall leaf garland to add more spice to the arch. Choose any colors you like, and I can guarantee Party Place has all the colors you need.

fall balloon arch

Well, that is pretty much all you need to do to host a good party. Take a look at some of our fall favorites for all the party needs here.