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April Showers

The Easter season brings us a sense of new beginnings and new life.  We all know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but April showers also represent new life just like Easter, possibly celebrating the upcoming birth of a new baby or the joining of two families in marriage; whatever the reason for the shower it’s a time of celebration and renewal.  In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I went to a baby shower for someone that is like my daughter. Her family sure knows how to throw a shower, they cover every tiny detail. It was a perfect day for a perfect mom-to-be.

It’s always fun to host or go to a themed wedding or baby shower. It can often make gift giving easier for guests. Here are a few of my favorite themes:


  • Wine and … (cheese/beer/music/cigars, etc.): This is probably one of my favorite themes because it can help a young couple begin their wine collection and add-on. Guests can either bring a bottle of wine or a selected add-on like cheese knives, a case of microbrew beer, wine glasses, etc. A Rustic Italian theme would be perfect for this theme.

          Corks piled in vases, empty wine bottles with tapers and sunflowers would make beautiful decorations.   

  • Around the world: This shower is perfect for travel enthusiasts. This party lends itself well to a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres from all around the world. Gifts might be travel accessories or books on travel and other cultures.

          Decorations like this from fit the bill for this shower.

  • The great outdoors: This shower supplies the adventurous couple with presents to help them stay adventurous. The invitation should indicate what activities they like to do. For example, if a couple likes to hike, an invitation similar to this one from Little Ivy Design would be perfect.

          Depending on what the couple enjoys doing, guests might bring them camping equipment, fleece blankets, matching ski hats, or golf clothes, to name a few. 

  • Tools and gadgets: This shower is especially great for couples that have all the necessities.  This shower supplies the couple with all the little tools and gadgets for the house. Use a bucket of wooden paint sticks for guests to leave advice to the happy couple.

      Gifts might be a mini blowtorch for crème brûlées, power tools, and so on.

Baby Shower theme ideas:

  • New sibling shower:

          The focus of this shower is to honor not only the new baby and his mother but also the young child that will have a new baby sibling.  This is a wonderful way of including the sibling in a sometimes hard transition period.  The guest list should consist of the mother’s friends and their children and the sibling’s friends and parents.  Keep the colors bright and the activities child-driven.

  • Grandma’s Tea:

          This party is usually reserved for the grandmother’s closest friends to celebrate her new role as grandmother. A new grandmother needs to stock up on the necessities for when baby comes to visit.  Give her helping gifts to care for her new grandbaby, such as diapers, bottles, receiving blankets or books for her to read to the new addition.

Regardless of the theme you choose, have fun and enjoy! Come see us at The Party Place for all of your party supply needs.

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