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Balloon Art

Balloons are a perfect addition to any party. Balloons can help fill a space both vertically and horizontally. They are a good cost-effective choice for decorating. Balloons have become more than just the standard balloon bouquet; they can be a beautiful work of art and set your event apart from all the rest. For example, the beautiful balloon garland cover photo by One Stylish Party just makes you want to be a part of that party.

A few years ago, I was in charge of decorating for the ballet studio’s open house. You know how it is when doing things for a non-profit; the budget for things like decorations is low. I decided to try my hand at making balloon art for the table. Mind you, I have never attempted anything like this before, but Google and Pinterest got me through it. I learned a few lessons along the way and thought I would share them with you.

  1. Use the air mattress air pump to blow up the balloons beforehand.  Fortunately, I knew I was going to be short on time, so I blew up all the balloons the night before and stored them in a giant garbage bag.
  2. For the first attempt, allow yourself twice as much time as you think it will take you to design the piece.
  3. No matter how meticulous you are in counting the number of balloons you need, add at least a third more to that count. You WILL NEED more balloons that you think. Repeat…you will need more balloons than you think. For my project, I had 110 balloons and felt that was more than I needed…before I started putting the garland together…I could have used at least 40 more.
  4. The balloons need to be complimenting shades and various sizes. This definitely makes for a much better arrangement….more interest, more variation.
  5. Chicken wire is your friend. It allows you to shape the design any way you want. Watch out for the sharp edges, to avoid popping the balloons.
  6. Clear packing tape and glue dots are also necessities. Use these items to attach the balloons to the wire and to one another to fill spaces.
  7. Add something else in besides balloons for interest. I added a few flower stems and greenery in mine to soften the look and make it something unique and special.

Don’t limit balloons to birthday parties or other similar occasions. You can many beautiful things for weddings as well. Like this gorgeous piece from Floating Designs.

Credit: Floating Designs

or this beautiful balloon garland from Lillian Hope Designs.

Credit: Lilian Hope Designs

If you’re not feeling adventurous and don’t want to try your hand at making balloon art, contact The Party Place today. They can help you design something spectacular for your next event. Halloween will be here soon and there are all sorts of great balloons and balloon art forms that can be created for your Halloween party.

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