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EB Approved Party Tips

Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s time to welcome spring with a fun party. Easter is one of my favorite holidays (ok, every holiday is my favorite holiday). I really do love Easter, though. I think it’s the newness it brings after the cold, dark winter months. Everything feels alive and happy! An Easter party is the perfect way to bring a little happy to your life!

For the table, start with a clean slate (a white tablecloth); add something fun like a jellybean tree like this one from

Simply gather twigs from your yard and hot glue jelly beans onto the end of the branches. Place in a vase or metal bucket for an instant centerpiece. You can either make a big arrangement or a few smaller ones depending on your table and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want a big impact, I would suggest one big arrangement with a few supporting items like Easter eggs, candles and small vases of flowers. If you are decorating a buffet table, two smaller arrangements are in order to flank each side.

Jazz up your menu with fresh flowers and balloons.

This beautiful display from Homegoods is festive, beautiful and inviting. All you need is a roll of Kraft paper for the menu, flowers and balloons. You can use either fresh flowers or silk. If you are using fresh you will need to use a floral cage with wet foam. Attach it to the wall with a 3M hook and then add flowers and balloons. In my experience, working with fresh flowers and wet foam, although not impossible, can be frustrating. I suggest using silk flowers especially if time is of the essence. There are some really beautiful options out there. A floral cage is still your best bet for adhering to the wall, but replace the wet foam with a dry foam used for silks. To arrange balloons, attach a wooden floral pick with wire to the end of the balloon. This allows you more options when arranging. Have fun with this and don’t get too wrapped up in making it look just like the picture. One piece of advice:  leave the stems longer than you think they should be.

The Easter Bunny himself will approve of this basketful of “carrotware” from Oh Rosie Day.  Simply wrap green plasticware in an orange napkin and tie with a piece of burlap. Arrange in a basket and you are done. This is a great project for little ones to help with.

Speaking of little ones, you can’t have an Easter party without dying Easter eggs. Some of my fondest memories as a child are dying Easter eggs. Let the kids have fun and be creative. You can even use them to decorate by displaying them in a beautiful crystal vase. I also love the naturally beautiful soft hues of farm fresh eggs. The blues and browns are certainly a gift from nature and there is no need to dye these beauties.

I like to give my guests a fun little something for coming; these Peeps favors are perfect to let them know you appreciate them. Download the printables here from

Don’t forget to stop by The Party Place for all your party supply needs, like the green plasticware, orange napkins, bags for the favors and so much more spring fun!

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