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Friendsgiving Celebrations: Keep It Cool & Casual

Have you ever thought about hosting a Friendsgiving? Last year was our first year to host and we had the best time. Of course, I still love traditional Thanksgiving with all my family, but Friendsgiving was just fun, lighthearted and a great day spent with friends. I read somewhere that Friendsgiving was like Thanksgiving’s cool, causal cousin. That is probably the best description I can think of, because Friendsgiving is fun, laid-back and full of great food and company. Consider hosting a Friendsgiving this year, even if it is after Thanksgiving, you won’t regret it. Think you don’t have enough time or money to host another event? Yes, those two elements help… a lot, but they don’t have to dominate what you do. Remember the two most important elements of any gathering are making guests feel at home and setting a welcoming and gracious tone.  Here are some of my favorite tips for Friendsgiving gatherings:

Keep your tables, casual and cool. Cover the tables with white linens and make a runner from brown Kraft paper or use brown paper placemats. Add a few Sharpies to each table and encourage your guests to write what they are thankful for.

There is no room for host chairs at a Friendsgiving table. Sit back and make your friends the star for the day.

Forget about all the matching china and stemware. Who wants to be in the kitchen doing all those dishes, especially when you could be enjoying the company of your friends? There are some beautiful disposable options out there and they are meant for you to use them.

Choose something festive and fuss-free.

Same for your silverware. All the fabulous new disposable ware is hard to tell if it is the real deal or not. Remember, these are your friends—not the royal family.

Make buffet tables fabulous and fun. Although this is a casual party, I still like to label food for a couple of reasons: 1) I love all the fabulous little signs and I think they really amp up a great buffet; and 2) my daughter has a shellfish allergy, so I want to be mindful of people with allergies. An allergic reaction is not how we want to end a great party.

I also like to use fun signs like our “pie bar” sign or something that says “Welcome Friends”. You can make your own or buy pre-made. I always have this great thought that I will make my own, but ultimately run out of time and purchase something already made.

There are also some great options on the market for disposable serving trays. Take a look at this one from Party Place. It’s great because it’s elevated allowing more room on the buffet table.

Now is the time to buck the system. I am a very traditional person at heart, but on occasion, I like to break away from tradition. Friendsgiving is the perfect way to try some things you have always wanted to try. Add a splash of the unexpected. For example, add a touch of pink and purple to your table. In small doses, these colors actually complement the traditional red and orange color scheme quite nicely. Plus, it makes the vibe even cooler. I mean it can’t get much cooler than this fabulous Friendsgiving party from Throwing in the light turquoise really makes the other colors popl

Photo Credit: GirlsLife


Create a Friendsgiving cocktail.  Stocking a bar can get quite expensive, so why not create a special cocktail just for your Friendsgiving gathering. Serve in a great cocktail glass (disposable, of course) and add a cool stir stick.

My last words of advice:  Enjoy the day and be in the present with your friends. That’s a joy that simply cannot be bought.

Visit Party Place today to pick up all your Friendsgiving necessities.

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