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Host a Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day Party

Since the holiday season has come and gone, cupid’s arrow is aiming right for you. Ok, cupid’s arrow doesn’t have to strike to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect day to host a party no matter what your love situation is. You can host a sweet little party with your kids, keep it low-key with your sweetie and have a romantic dinner, coordinate a Valentine’s Day potluck in your neighborhood or go Leslie Knope style from Parks and Recreation and host a Galentine’s Day party for the girls.

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love festive balloons. This party set-up from is sure to make any kid want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When hosting kid’s parties I have always found it to be helpful to have some kind of craft for them to keep them occupied. INSERT VDAY FRIENDSHIP NECKLACES PIC These Valentine’s Friendship Necklaces are perfect for little ones. All you need is yarn, foam hearts and beads. There isn’t much prep work involved other than precutting the yarn and punching holes in the foam hearts. Click through Creative Child’s full tutorial.

Brunching and Galentine’s Day seem to go hand-in-hand. Brit + Co refers to Galentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day “spunkier twin sister”. I mean, who doesn’t love a spunky twin sister! Nothing will do for this event but pink waffles and champagne.


To add a little more fun, offer your guests a mimosa bar with various juices, champagne and fruit selections.

I’m in love with the decorations from Brit + Co, they are easy, yet classy. All you need to pull off the look is red and pink paper tassels, heart garland and XO Mylar balloons.


For any Valentine’s Day party you can’t go wrong with chocolate fondue. Kids and adults both love dipping food in chocolate! Off your guests, a wide variety of dippers like strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels. Here is a delicious and easy chocolate fondue recipe from Fox and Briar.

They recommend using a good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content for the best results. Melt the chocolate with some half and half and you’re done. Be sure to stay with the chocolate and stir constantly if you are melting on the stove, because one step away and it will burn. If you are melting in the microwave, do it in 30-second intervals and stir between each one. Again, from experience, it has a way of suddenly melting and burning.

One commonality among all these party ideas is to go heavy on pink and red. Mix it up, have fun with it from pink napkins to Valentine’s Day cupcake sets to assorted heart-shaped serving trays. You can pick up all these great supplies at Party Place plus many more, like this Valentine’s Day hanging decoration.

Stop in today to stock up on your Valentine’s Day party supplies!

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