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Pop-Up Party

I love all of the little popup shops “popping” up everywhere, but what I love even more is a popup party! A popup party is a fun little party that you decide to have at the last minute, especially during the summer months when schedules have a bit more flexibility. Sometimes, I think the little impromptu parties are the best kind, because there’s not so much “stuff” to get worked up about. You know stuff like every detail down to the placement of the napkins. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a well thought out and detailed event just as much as the next person and can certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes into something like that, but sometimes it’s nice to just free ourselves of too much fuss and just relax. I think that’s why a fun-little popup party is so enjoyable. It’s carefree and easy, leaving more time to enjoy friends and family. Now, in order to accomplish this little soiree you will need a tiny bit of pre-planning that consists of what I like to call a Party To-Go Basket. 

Here’s what you need to complete your very own Party To-Go Basket:

  • Clear plates and cups: You can never go wrong with clear. I think they look nice for casual or nicer events. They’re sturdy and they match anything. I keep two sizes of plates on hand—dessert and dinner. For cups, I like the nine-ounce size because they’re not too big or too small. They’re also a good size for serving wine.
  • Faux “real” silverware: These plastic beauties have to rank as one of the best modern inventions in a while. They look nice and jazz up any event. You can barely tell the difference between them and the real thing.
  • Colorful, yet neutral napkins: Always keep a selection of napkins on hand. Something like a burlap, black and white damask, plain white and fresh mint are good choices to add color yet stay neutral.
  • Two white tablecloths: White tablecloths are a great foundation to build on for any table setting. You can layer them with burlap, fabric, table runners or make a pineapple runner as shown in the cover photo from, the possibilities are endless. It’s better to have more than two, but two will get you started. I prefer to use real cloth even for casual events, but I also like to keep a few plastic table covers in white and black on hand as well.
  • Candles: White tealights are the perfect addition to any party.
  • Mason jars: Keep several in your basket handy and ready to be filled with silverware, flowers, candles or whatever else you can imagine.
  • Small baskets and doilies: You can use these for a multitude of things like holding chips and crackers. Simply transferring a bag of chips to a basket makes a world of difference even if it is a casual party.  

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the overall theme for the basket is plain and neutral. You can add a splash of color with fresh flowers, balloons and party decorations. As your basket grows, add a few colorful party decorations. For example, anything patriotic works great from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Oh, who am I kidding patriotism is good for any time of the year!

Now that your basket is complete, you’re all set. All you need to do is add music and friends.

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