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Summer Parties – Let Your Patriotism Shine

I consider Memorial weekend to be the “official” unofficial start to summer! Yippee!  It’s time for warm days and easy summer nights cooking out and enjoying the great outdoors.  The order for summer parties is about the same—easy and simple. The great thing about Memorial Day party decorating is that it is appropriate all summer through Labor Day and American patriotism never goes out of style.

The first order of business is flags, flags, and more flags. A person can never have too many American flags. Heck, I put a few of the little ones in our camping gear to jazz up the picnic table. This month’s blog is dedicated to the good ole’ stars and stripes. I know many of the younger readers will not remember this, but right after 9/11 there was a real shortage of American flags in this country. At that time, everyone wanted to show his or her patriotism and our country truly felt united. I personally had not ever experienced anything like that. At the time, we had just moved to Pensacola, my youngest was only about a year old and my husband traveled for his job the majority of the time.  Frankly, I had never felt more alone or terrified in my life but somehow the patriotism in that town, seeing the Blue Angels practice over the house weekly (trust me that’s a sight one never tires of), and simply living next door to a Lieutenant Colonial comforted me and made me feel safe. Heck, we rode out Hurricane Ivan with him and his family (trust me when I say, that that created a friendship bond stronger than any I have ever known, but that is a story for another day).

Flags are super easy to decorate with and fairly inexpensive. I suggest getting various sizes from the minis to the larger flags.

The minis are great for popping in a Mason jar or flower arrangement. For an easy table centerpiece, place a handful of small flags in a clear vase. For a more finished look place creek gravel or red, white and blue stones in the bottom of the vase before adding the flags.  These flags are perfect in a vase full of daisies. Simply arrange your flowers first and then add the flag.

The larger size works well in flowerpots. I flank my front door with ferns and a flag in each.

Another way to greet your guests with patriotism is to create a hanging basket full of flags. This craft is easy and simple, even if you do not consider yourself very crafty. Use a flat-backed hanging basket, add dry foam so your flags don’t move and then fill with small American flags.

Red, white and blue balloons anchored with a silver-star balloon weight liven up any summer party.

You could also do something fun like this balloon flag from Ella Clair. Balloons have a way of making anything look festive and fun.

The classic red and white buffalo check table cover is perfect for a patriotic party. After all, what is more American than having a cook out for one of these holidays?

Again, summer parties are supposed to be simple, fun and relaxed. Stay tuned for next month’s Grill and Chill. For all your party needs, go The Party Place today!

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