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Fireworks, Burgers, and Flags: A Classic 4th of July

The Fourth of July is coming up so soon, and we have got to be prepared. I am sure some people are antsy to get it going, and have a “normal” fourth once again. It has been awhile since we have been able to gather like this in huge groups, and of course we still need to be careful, I think it is safe to say we can have some good ol’ fun!

I can remember all the barbecues, fireworks, and pool parties I have had on the Fourth of July. Which, when you are an American that grows up in the South… it kind of is like a right of passage to have a killer party for the Fourth!

So, how does one host a killer party for the Fourth of July you might ask? Well, it is pretty simple.

Good food, good drinks, and good vibes.


It sounds cliché, but I swear it is all you need. A deadly combination for one heck of a time.

For decorations… have the outdoors serve as your backdrop! No one wants to spend a 4th of July inside. This is like the epitome of summer for Americans, so let’s at least live up to the hype and take a breath of the fresh outdoors.

For some cool little elements to add to tables and so forth, think about this Firework Centerpiece that is sure to make a bang!

We have tons of American flags as well, so if being patriotic is the goal, we’ve definitely got you covered.

For a bit of a laugh, think about these bar vests that are sure to get a chuckle out of your guests. Maybe a few drinks in, and no one will even have any reservations about wearing a silly vest! I will definitely be purchasing a few of these.

Now, don’t forget the food and drinks. Definitely one of the most important aspects in my opinion for the perfect Fourth of July party. Go simple and do a classic American cookout. Burgers, hot dogs, and beer go great with any outdoor summer celebration.

I don’t want to control every little detail over your fun party, so we leave the Fourth almost completely up to you! It is your party and your way of celebrating the birth of America.

Stop by to pick up all your décor and get into the spirit.


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