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Glitter Galore, a New Year’s Bash

New Year’s Eve is approaching which means we are almost in 2024! Have you thought about any New Year’s resolutions yet? Spoiler alert: I have not. Of course, I have general things I would like to improve in my life and get done, but I have yet to solidify anything major.

Give me a little longer, I promise I will be ready.

However, one thing I have definitely started thinking about is a New Year’s Eve party theme. As someone who generally forgets to plan things out or somehow runs out of time on literally everything, I like to keep New Year’s simple, elegant, and fun.

This year, I want to keep it cool, collected, and glittery! You can never go wrong with a little glitter, especially at New Year’s. It makes me think of all the shining possibilities a new year can bring, and it is a reminder of all the golden memories I made in the previous year. Sappy, but true. I find life is better when you let yourself get a little sappy.

Okay, anyway, my main source of inspo for this theme is these Gold Glitter New Year’s Dessert Plates found on our website,

The best part is that the glitter is printed onto the plate’s surface so no need to worry about glitter in your food or all over your living space. Yeah, that is def important to me.

So, using these as inspo, let’s get glittery.

I really like the idea of using this Star garland as either part of a dessert table decoration or even on part of a photo booth. As someone who is extremely single, I could do without the “kiss me at midnight” signage, but hey, to each their own. If you have a New Year’s kiss, more power to you.

Okay, enough about that.

I find that a New Year’s party photo booth as one of the most integral parts of this party. Not that the other aspects do not matter, but I would say most New Year’s parties are made to be chill events where you dress up and enjoy one another’s company.

I am obsessed with fringe photo backdrops, and I will never not be. Sorry! They are so classic and just scream party.

I am particularly obsessed with these layered gold, glitter fringe backdrops. They add so much depth to a backdrop and are certainly way more effective.

Courtesy of Confetti System

This one is my main source of inspo, and you can easily make one of these by getting a plain backdrop, tons of gold fringe and cut them different lengths and stack on top of each other for that layered effect. If you don’t want to do that, get one of these layered fringe banners instead to cut the work in half for a similar effect!

With this, you’re sure to have a showstopper. Just do not forget the props, drinks, and a good New Year’s attitude.

Cheers to the New Year!

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