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A Spa Party to Handle Winter Weather

I used to like winter, but when it is so miserable, and bitterly cold for days, I get tired of it. I hate to feel so cold and sad that I cannot even go do anything outside. I feel bad weather really makes people stay inside, and then we completely lack in social interaction. How tragic.

However, I love a good night in, one that is relaxing with some wine, candles, and face masks. It is giving spa day realness. So, how about we combat the horrific winter blues with a relaxing night doing a spa party to also advocate for more social interactions and hangouts?

If you are like me, I genuinely enjoy spending time alone. Yet, I know how good it is for me to spend time with loved ones and friends. So, do something lowkey like a chill spa party to not only get some well-deserved R&R but also to improve friendships.

Alright! For any good spa night, you need wine. For winter, I enjoy going for a smooth red that warms you up! I personally will advocate for a Beaujolais wine because they have lots of flavor without that overpowering smokiness. My other recommendation is a wine from Chianti for a classic red wine with lots to offer.

I am going for wine for this party so that no one needs to buy tons of ingredients for cocktails and so forth, but if that is more your vibe, then go for that.

Next, let’s get ourselves a banging charcuterie board to fulfill everyone’s deepest dreams for a night in (girl dinner to the max). Even if you do not want to make the board yourself, there are tons of local options to go for to create the easiest spa, relaxation party ever. Amazing Graze and Cheese Wisely are two fantastic options that will have your mouth watering for more.

Okay, now that food and drinks are covered, let’s get into the relaxing part.

To really set the mood, we suggest tons of well-scented candles to get the good vibes going. If you are less of a candle person then perhaps opt in for some relaxing scents like eucalyptus, frankincense, or lavender in an oil diffuser. Scents can truly impact a person’s whole aura, so make sure you get something that positively impacts you.

Next, we want to get face masks so that we can get that glistening glass skin we all crave. I suggest going to somewhere like TJ Maxx, World Market, or Target to find Korean skin masks. I am probably biased, but I swear by Korean skincare, and I am forever on the train to get other people to switch to the good side.

Another thing to add to your spa day are lavender-scented towels that you can soak and put over your eyes. I went to a yoga studio that did this, and it was so relaxing.

Lastly to really amp up the vibe, put on relaxing music that will set the tone, and let everyone know this is a palace of relaxation and a night of rejuvenation.

Feel free to add anything else you like to your spa regimen, but hopefully, this inspires you to handle the remainder of winter better than you could have imagined.

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