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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: Making Your Presents Stand Out

Wrapping gifts in something unique and fun adds a level of personal touch and thoughtfulness to gift-giving, and it's a fantastic way of ensuring your gift is a special success. You can do so much better than simple plain paper and bows. With a bit of creativity, everyday materials and supplies from our gift-wrapping section, you can transform your gift-wrapping into a memorable part of the present itself. Here are some innovative ideas to inspire your next gift-giving occasion.

  • Fabric Wraps

One way of stepping up your game and being eco-friendly is by utilizing fabric instead of traditional wrapping paper. Going to your local fabric or thrift store, you can get nice pieces of scrap fabrics are scarves to use for gift wrap. Known as Furoshiki in Japan, it is a beautiful and meaningful way of wrapping gifts and gives the recipient an extra gift in the fabric itself, which can be reused in multiple ways.

  • Natural Elements

With paper, bows, and bags from our extensive collection on our website, we can offer tons of options for a more traditional way of wrapping. However, to add some pizazz, we suggest using dried flowers, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or dried fruit slices. This will add a beautiful, rustic, earthy feel and fragrant touch. You can attach them to bags and boxes with various types of ribbons or twine for a simple yet elegant look.

Courtesy of Allana via Pitnerest

  • Personalized Stamps, Stencils, and Patterns

Create custom wrapping paper using stamps and stencils. You can buy your own sets of stamps and stencils from local craft stores, conversely, you can make your own using potatoes, foam, or carving blocks. This adds a wonderful personal touch and completely unique bit of design to the gift, making it a sentimental and beautiful gift. 

Courtesy of Martina Calv via Pinterest

With these ideas in mind, you can keep all your gift-giving fresh and fun. Come on down to Party Place or shop online to see our full selection of gift-wrapping materials.

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