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A Frozen Birthday Party



 Just Google, “Frozen Birthday Parties” and page upon page of ideas will pull up. We did just that, and picked a few of our favorites to share with you.

Of course, The Party Place has all of the supplies you’ll need for the perfect Frozen party, including licensed themed accessories.

Go ahead and print this off to reference when you get ready to plan your Frozen party.

Step 1: Invitations

We always put this as our first step, because that’s how it should go in your party planning journey. This step also includes the part where you select a date, time, and venue to hold the party at. Well, alright, maybe the invitations are actually like the fifth step, but for blog purposes, it will be the first. We have Frozen themed invitations ready to purchase in-store, so you can save your creativeness for the rest of the party. You can include instructions to your guests about dressing in blue, dressing as their favorite character, or even bringing their favorite Frozen toy. Make sure to include an RSVP number as well.

Step 2: Decorations

We’ve got the easy part covered! You can get Frozen plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths at The Party Place.  We even have Frozen costumes!


We can also make any Frozen inspired balloon creation you want!

frozenballoon1 frozenballoon2

We found a few pictures of cake tables for you to get some inspiration.


Snowflakes are an easy way to decorate the ceiling, as well as using streamers. You birthday kiddo can even help you make some homemade paper snowflakes, which can be easily created using white paper and scissors.

Step 3: Fun Food & Presentation

These are super easy food items that are actually quite inexpensive to stock up on. Display in appropriately colored dishes, and accessorize with ribbon and print outs!

Frozen Kisses


Sven’s Reindeer Snacks


Melted Snowman Water Station


Olaf Noses


Han’s Sandwiches




Step 4: Frozen Games

Pin the Nose on Olaf


Simple spin on a classic game! Print out Olaf parts and tape to the wall. Print out carrots, and give each child one with their name on it. Take turns blind folding the children, and letting them have their chance to pin the nose on Olaf. Award a prize to the winner!

Make Your Own Bubble Wand


This simple activity requires pipe cleaners and beads. Pipe cleaners will need to be joined together in the shape of a bubble blower. You can either do this part before hand, or allow the children to do it themselves. Have the beads set up at the table, and let the kiddos have fun beading them on to the wand end of the bubble blower. Twist the end so the beads don’t slide back off. This also gives the children a keepsake to take home with them.

Frozen Trivia

Just as it says! Ask the kids Frozen trivia questions, and award a prize to the child who gets the most answers right.

Frozen Photo Booth


This is another fun way to involve the kids and create lasting memories at the same time. This also gives the parents a little something to remember this special time by. You can create a hashtag on Instagram, and post them there, or put them on a Flickr account to give parents a way to access them. Make your own props, like the ones pictured here!

Make an Olaf


Toilet paper + construction paper cut outs for buttons and noses = fun for hours! Get the camera ready!


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