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Heroes in History Costume Ideas for Halloween

Heroes in History Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you want to look great this Halloween then you certainly need to think about what type of outfit you are going to wear. That is why we have compiled this guide so you can get some solid ideas, while also making sure that your idea is completely unique and original.

  1. Einstein

Einstein is one of the most intelligent geniuses in the world, so get ready to surprise your guests with this great outfit.


  1. Squeaker Horn Accessory

Dress up as your favourite hero from history and take your guests back centuries with a classic squeaker horn. There are endless options to choose from and this one really will help to bring your entire outfit together.


  1. Abraham Lincoln

No Abraham Lincoln costume is complete without a beard and hat! So go with this great outfit today and show how original you can really be.


  1. Ben Franklin

Another hero in history, Ben Franklin is an original idea and it has never been easier to jazz up your Halloween outfit with this great costume.


  1. George Washington

Dress up as a famous US president today with this great George Washington Halloween outfit.


  1. Amelia Earhart

Want to go as something a little different this year? Then Amelia Earhart is certainly the way to go.


  1. Christopher Columbus

Another iconic history character that will really help to take your Halloween to the very next level!

  1. Theodore Roosevelt

Why not go on a blast to the past with this Theodore Roosevelt outfit, your guests won’t know what’s coming!

  1. Thomas Jefferson

Again, another great outfit choice that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to solid American history.

  1. Uncle Sam

One of the most iconic icons in history, good old Uncle Sam!

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