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COVID-19 Virtual Celebrations

Boy dressed for prom

We are currently living in a time that feels uncertain and is unlike anything many of us have experienced before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate our loved ones who have made some major accomplishments this year. In particular, the class of 2020 really deserves some celebration right now. Despite graduations being on hold for an unknown amount of time, you can still host an at-home celebration for your 2020 senior. In order to make these last few months of their senior year memorable for more than just a major health pandemic forcing them to homeschool, go all out and host a virtual celebration.

The Party Place is still open, with a few added restrictions in order to keep you and your family healthy and is the perfect place to stop and get everything you need for your big at home virtual parties. If you are thinking you want to give your senior one more prom, the options are kind of endless here. They offer a wide variety of themed decorations – you could go anywhere from a simple bash with a few balloons, streamers, and a simple backdrop or you could go all out with a Night in Paris or Casino Royale; whatever you choose, decorations are key to making it feel extra special and not just like another night at home.

You can make this fun for the whole family and dress everyone up as you transform your living room into a night to remember. Plus, 10-years from now when you look back on these pictures it will be sweet to remember how everyone got to enjoy the night. Due to social distancing it won’t allow for there to be any outside of the family guests, but here is where the virtual part comes in: tell all of their friend’s parents what you are doing and have them participate as well and when it is time for the party to start have a Zoom call or Facebook Live set up so everyone can feel like they are there with all of you. Another way to make it feel like more of a surprise and to get that wow moment from your teen – keep them out of the “prom room” until it is time for the party to start.

Now, when it comes to setting the scene make sure you dedicate a section of your home or your living room for pictures. This is a great place to put a fun themed backdrop or sparkly fringe door hanger – honestly, anything that is fun to stand in front of, embraces the theme, and easy for pictures. You can stick with the classic photo poses or mix in some fun props and make it feel like  a photo booth – either way these pictures are going to be so fun to look back on and to share on social media afterwards. In order to give the room that more “intimate” feeling you can hang Christmas lights or bistro lights from the celling mixed with streamers to make it feel just like prom. As far as other decorations go it is completely up to you and your budget, but either way just think of the sweet memories you are creating and what theme you want to embrace.

In a similar way to the virtual prom, you can host a virtual graduation for your grad. The process is similar in terms of live streaming and having these join in but this time instead of focusing on the prom decorations focus on the props to make it feel like a real graduation day.

The Party Place again has everything that you need to make it perfect. Anything in the graduation celebration area is going to add the perfect pop of color and excitement to mark this major milestone in your grad’s life. I suggest rolling up some tiny diplomas for everyone in your family to join in with and hand to your grad. In a sense we are taking the traditional graduation party and turning it into that with a side of ceremony. Designate an area in your home as the stage perhaps an area near the fireplace maybe marked with my personal favorite — balloons! If your budget is a little larger, I suggest some of the beautiful loom columns or archers the Party Place can make for you in a wide variety of colors of your choosing.

There is really no right or wrong way to host your virtual party – just make it memorable and special. Remember, The Party Place is the perfect place for big and small get-togethers, and they have everything you could ever need or want for the perfect party.

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