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Bohemian Baby Shower

Spring has sprung and so have several soon-to-be mommas that I know — have you ever noticed that it feels like Spring is always the time that people are announcing a pregnancy or the birth of their child? I personally gave birth to a winter baby, but I know at least five ladies expecting babies this spring. Of course, when a baby is on the way that means a baby shower is to be had! 

Simplicity and bohemian vibes have really been gaining a lot of popularity for all different kinds of parties, but especially for baby showers. In November my mom, aunt, and son’s paternal grandmother threw me a beautiful bohemian baby shower. Despite the fact that it was in the dead of winter the theme felt very light and springy — unlike myself because I was pretty sure I was going to pop before the party was over! 

The key to throwing a beautiful bohemian party is to not get caught up on a lot of decorations but rather a few main centerpieces of the party while keeping the colors extremely neutral. Your color scheme should consist of white, deep greens, clear, and pops of color like gold or a nice soft pastel. An excellent way to highlight these colors and bring life to your party are balloons — and a lot of them. I love when balloons are used in multiple ways, for example a big piece of art on the wall or to add height to otherwise small decorations on tables. 

The Party Place has you covered when it comes to balloons and other simple decorations to really make your bohemian party pop! For your balloon wall art no helium is required, these balloons need to have plain air in them because you will be attaching them to the wall with tape or another kind of adhesive that is easily removed. When it comes to creating height these balloons will need helium and can be attached to party favors, centerpieces, etc. anything low lying on your tables. 

Lastly, don’t over do it — think simple! The simple vibe is also great for cleanup because there is a lot less for you to pick up. Don’t be afraid to use your party favors as decorations because they won’t be leaving until your guests do. For my party we did mini champagne bottles with a cute note telling the guests to not drink them until they got word that my son had been born — that way everyone could cheers together for his big arrival. 

There is no right or wrong way to host a bohemian bash, just put your own spin on what you think is simple yet beautiful at the same time. After all, this theme comes from nature so it is easy to see why simple is best. 

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