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Cheese Fondue Party

My little sister is obsessed with random holidays that take place throughout a month like National Donut Day or  National Ride Your Bike to Work Day – you get the idea. However, there is one random holiday that arrives April 11th that I can get behind, National Cheese Fondue Day. I don’t think there is a better reason to get a group of your best girlfriends, favorite couples, or even your family together to throw a fondue party. In the 1970s parties based around fondue were extremely popular and were a staple to group gatherings, so why not bring it back?

Since this holiday falls on a Saturday this year it can allow for a larger party gathering, but I suggest keeping it small and intimate. There is no particular decorating guideline that you have follow for this party – you can choose any color scheme you want as well as many or as few decorations as your heart desires. I personally think fondue of any kind is very messy so this is the perfect party to definitely stick to the disposable serving items. I love the look of those beautiful clear plates and bowls which would be perfect to have sitting around your fondue pot for people to take and go so they are able to move around with ease while eating yummy cheese. Another great addition here would be fun cups to serve cocktails or wine in for the elegant soiree.

If you are looking to dress things up a little balloons and party streamers are always my go to décor items. A bunch of 3-5 balloons on your mailbox or right outside the door make it a fun and welcoming surprise for your guests as they arrive. Streamers are great because you can add a pop of color to almost anywhere with very little effort.

No matter how big or small you choose to make the random Cheese Fondue party celebration Party Place has everything you need to keep it simple or dress it up a little. So, call up your best pals, go out and buy your favorite cheese, and stock up on tasty dipping items and celebrate!

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