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Easter Brunch

In my family if there is one thing that brings people together it is a holiday — we take holidays very seriously because they are always the perfect reason to throw a party and break out all of the decorations. Easter is a perfect time to do this because what better reason to celebrate friends and family than the resurrection of Christ? Even if you like to keep your Easter gathering small you can still make it feel grand and special. I have found that now I am a mother I want to make every holiday feel special and memorable, even if my baby might not remember it there will always be pictures to share with him.

One way to make this Easter memorable is to host a special brunch or lunch for those that you love. Plus, who doesn’t love a good reason to pop the bubbly?

When gathering the supplies to make your special Spring Time Easter Brunch think pastels and florals – there is no need to limit yourselves to bunnies and eggs. Now, I am not saying that a few plastic eggs spread here or there  isn’t okay, but try not to focus too much on the cliché decorations. If you have little ones like we do in my family I suggest doing up your table with nice linens and a few fresh flowers, but give them that fancy feeling without all the glass. Party Place has a wide variety of plastic champagne flutes, plastic tableware, and plastic serving dishes that look just like your classic crystal and china and will add an elegant flair to your party without worrying about what might get broken.

When it comes to the fun pops of the Easter season in your table spread think small details. Try buying green plastic silverware and orange party napkins and roll them up to look like little carrots —  a great way to display these is in a terracotta pot filled with glass pebbles and marbles.

Sticking with the carrot theme try spicing up your veggie tray with a little more attention to detail in your design making it into a large carrot made up of a wide variety of veggies. If you are up for a little bit more of a culinary challenge try making a veggie and bread bunny to serve your dip in to add a little extra Easter to the table.

Maybe you are not a culinary whiz and you would rather just serve the basics you can still make it light a springy with balloons, colorful napkins, a nice table cloth, and any other special touches that make your brunch or regular lunch with family and friends a little bit more special. Plus, I highly recommend an after meal Easter Egg hunt – in this family you are never too old to be out there looking for the special golden egg.

Regardless of what you serve and how you display it Party Place has everything you need to make beautiful memories with your family.

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