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Easter Brunch

Easter is such a cute holiday. The pastels, the florals, the eggs, and not to mention the adorable little bunnies! I think it is the epitome of spring in full swing in many ways, which means better weather, more outdoor time, and so forth. What is not to love about that? This is why I propose an excellent garden brunch for Easter this year.

Oh, did I mention, I love brunch? I know I am really submitting to the whole “basic brunch girlie” vibe, but I do not care! I love the idea of brunch in general. The food choices, the drinks, the cute restaurants, the entire vibe! It just gets everyone buzzing in the best way possible.

So, let’s go ahead and emulate that for Easter this year for sure. I love a good tablescape as well. I think it really captures the atmosphere for a party or event every single time. Here are some of my favorite examples of Easter tablescapes for this year.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Party Place has tons of party supplies and balloons to make these tablescapes a reality. So check online or get on down to the store to get all that you need.

I love this Iridescent & Multi Colored Fringed Backdrop for a good backing piece to any party center tablescape.

As for a menu, think of something fun and sweet! Think about things like French toast, pancakes, chicken & waffles, fruit sides, mimosas, and other such dishes. This will really add to the pastel and springtime vibes, so go for it. If you are not into cooking all of this yourself, either check out some local brunch restaurants to see if you can either decorate a few tables at the restaurant or get them to cater for you!

Easy and breezy! Just like a beautiful spring day.

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Hop to It!

easter party idea

Easter is a fun holiday! I can’t resist the cute little bunnies and all the pretty pastels. Ugh! A Spring dreamland! Bunnies are definitely a top five animal for me, so you can see where this is going. Totally for the bunny supremacy, duh!

Luckily for all the bunny lovers out there (and Easter advocates) at Party Place, there are TONS of options for your Easter parties, shindigs, and what have you. So, today we are doing less of a party theme, and more so of a round up of all the favorite Easter party decorations we have this year.

Of course, I had to start with something bunny related. I love these cutie little headbands for so many reasons. These are great party table fillers as well as photo booth accessories. These are versatile and cute and do not take up that much space. Even better, they are less than $10 for a pack of 8.

bunny headbands

Keeping with the bunny theme (of course)… we have the most adorable Easter basket ever! It is a plush bunny with a polka dot interior. Screaming and crying over the cuteness. I would love to see my 2 year old nephew carry this as he galivants around picking up all the eggs he can find. If you’re doing an egg hunt, why not do it in style!

I love pastels, I love pink. Bam. Perfect combination here. These plates are perfect for all the Easter goodies that will be coming your way. If you gave something up for Lent like chocolate, then now is the time. Celebrate your love of chocolate on a fancy plate like this one.

Well, those are my top three favorite items from our Easter selection this year. However, if you weren’t digging these, we have plenty of options for all parties and all styles. Take a glance, and you’ll find something you like!

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Bunny Brunch: An Easter Celebration!

Bunny Brunch

I think Easter has some of the cutest decorations out of all the holidays in the year. It is like the ultimate way of saying spring has sprung! The pastels! The eggs! The bunnies! The flowers! Just thinking about it makes you smile, and I mean seriously, how could you not? Bunnies are certifiably one of the cutest animals. Sorry, but it is the truth, and I only speak facts. Regardless of your opinion on a bunny’s cuteness level, we can all agree that it is time for me to talk about this Easter brunch. So, let’s get started.

When I plan a themed brunch, I love to take a more sophisticated but still cute spin on my theme. For example, i would invest in more elegant plates and napkins that still fit my theme. These Golden Easter Napkins and Golden Easter Dessert Plates are perfect options for putting a little more of an elegant flair on your Bunny Brunch but still also being very fitting for the theme. Going along with this little golden theme, these Metallic Gold Easter Eggs are perfect for table decorations like in the photo below.

Metallic Gold Easter Eggs
Courtesy of

Now that we have an idea for our table decor, let’s think about food (the best part).

These Hashbrown Egg Nests from Feel Good Foodie are truly calling my name. They are easy, festive, and can be made in under thirty minutes.

Now, I love savory food like hashbrowns, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t also have a sweet tooth. These Cinnamon Bun Palmiers are just the thing to satisfy my cravings, plus they are also an under thirty-minute recipe with little involvement, and you can even shape them to look like little bunny ears. You can find the recipe here on Brit + Co.

Cinnamon Bun Palmiers
Courtesy of Brit + Co

Back on the savory foods, these cornmeal biscuits are something you do not want to exclude from your Bunny Brunch. They are like the perfect combination of cornbread and a buttermilk biscuit with a bit of a spicy quick. Um, say less? I am already obsessed. They are perfectly soft with a flaky exterior, okay, my mouth is drooling, that’s all.

Alright. I am starving now, but at least now we have a good start on how to wow our crowds at this Easter Brunch.

Stop by The Party Place to get all your supplies for your Bunny Brunch or call ahead for easy shopping! The best part about it is that this is all lowkey and very easy to do, even the cooking! So, no need to feel rushed around this Easter. Just sit back, relax, and eat all the cornmeal biscuits, hashbrowns, and cinnamon buns you can!

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Easter Brunch

In my family if there is one thing that brings people together it is a holiday — we take holidays very seriously because they are always the perfect reason to throw a party and break out all of the decorations. Easter is a perfect time to do this because what better reason to celebrate friends and family than the resurrection of Christ? Even if you like to keep your Easter gathering small you can still make it feel grand and special. I have found that now I am a mother I want to make every holiday feel special and memorable, even if my baby might not remember it there will always be pictures to share with him.

One way to make this Easter memorable is to host a special brunch or lunch for those that you love. Plus, who doesn’t love a good reason to pop the bubbly?

When gathering the supplies to make your special Spring Time Easter Brunch think pastels and florals – there is no need to limit yourselves to bunnies and eggs. Now, I am not saying that a few plastic eggs spread here or there  isn’t okay, but try not to focus too much on the cliché decorations. If you have little ones like we do in my family I suggest doing up your table with nice linens and a few fresh flowers, but give them that fancy feeling without all the glass. Party Place has a wide variety of plastic champagne flutes, plastic tableware, and plastic serving dishes that look just like your classic crystal and china and will add an elegant flair to your party without worrying about what might get broken.

When it comes to the fun pops of the Easter season in your table spread think small details. Try buying green plastic silverware and orange party napkins and roll them up to look like little carrots —  a great way to display these is in a terracotta pot filled with glass pebbles and marbles.

Sticking with the carrot theme try spicing up your veggie tray with a little more attention to detail in your design making it into a large carrot made up of a wide variety of veggies. If you are up for a little bit more of a culinary challenge try making a veggie and bread bunny to serve your dip in to add a little extra Easter to the table.

Maybe you are not a culinary whiz and you would rather just serve the basics you can still make it light a springy with balloons, colorful napkins, a nice table cloth, and any other special touches that make your brunch or regular lunch with family and friends a little bit more special. Plus, I highly recommend an after meal Easter Egg hunt – in this family you are never too old to be out there looking for the special golden egg.

Regardless of what you serve and how you display it Party Place has everything you need to make beautiful memories with your family.