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Hop to It!

easter party idea

Easter is a fun holiday! I can’t resist the cute little bunnies and all the pretty pastels. Ugh! A Spring dreamland! Bunnies are definitely a top five animal for me, so you can see where this is going. Totally for the bunny supremacy, duh!

Luckily for all the bunny lovers out there (and Easter advocates) at Party Place, there are TONS of options for your Easter parties, shindigs, and what have you. So, today we are doing less of a party theme, and more so of a round up of all the favorite Easter party decorations we have this year.

Of course, I had to start with something bunny related. I love these cutie little headbands for so many reasons. These are great party table fillers as well as photo booth accessories. These are versatile and cute and do not take up that much space. Even better, they are less than $10 for a pack of 8.

bunny headbands

Keeping with the bunny theme (of course)… we have the most adorable Easter basket ever! It is a plush bunny with a polka dot interior. Screaming and crying over the cuteness. I would love to see my 2 year old nephew carry this as he galivants around picking up all the eggs he can find. If you’re doing an egg hunt, why not do it in style!

I love pastels, I love pink. Bam. Perfect combination here. These plates are perfect for all the Easter goodies that will be coming your way. If you gave something up for Lent like chocolate, then now is the time. Celebrate your love of chocolate on a fancy plate like this one.

Well, those are my top three favorite items from our Easter selection this year. However, if you weren’t digging these, we have plenty of options for all parties and all styles. Take a glance, and you’ll find something you like!

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