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Level Up: A Gaming Party

gaming party

Nowadays, kids play video games way more than with other toys I think! It was popular when I was a kid, but with the never-ending developments in technology and gaming, video games just keep soaring in popularity. Their availability is endless too… on phones, Nintendo Switches, PS5, and so much more.

mario party decoration
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So, why not throw a gaming birthday party for the gamer in your life! I may not be up-to-date on what all games are popular with the kids these days, but we have some super cool retro-pixelated party supplies that are sure to impress.

Personally, I am a Genshin Impact player, but I know things like Minecraft and Fortnite are popular with those kids these days (maybe, perhaps I am wrong). However, I am also a huge Mario fan. Grew up on the franchise, and will forever love and appreciate it.

Anyway… here is a slew of supplies for you to choose from for your party.

  1. Gaming Party Beverage Napkin
  2. Gaming Party Luncheon Plate
  3. Gaming Party Jointed Banner
gaming party plate

You can use our decorations to get a general gaming vibe, and then use more specific decorations (like with the Super Party banner) to reference specific games.

We will go with Super Mario since that is what I know the best, but feel free to choose anything you like. Our plates, napkins, and banners can go with virtually any game!

Make foods and party favors that reference video game characters or elements in the game, to really be with the cool kids hehe.

I love this Super Mario Bro. desserts that reference specific game elements! So easy and cute!

Mario party food
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I think it would also be cool to include a gaming tournament or just a dedicated area for the little gamer and their friends to actually play games!

I remember having Smash Bros tournaments in high school, so this makes me totally nostalgic.

Maybe my next birthday party will be a retro gaming party to relive those days as a youngin’.

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