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Mother’s Day Brunch

mother's day brunch

Mother’s Day is always such a fun holiday to me. It is peak brunch vibes and little flowers everywhere, at least in my family it is! My mom loves to brunch, and she used to be a florist, so it really checks out!

Even though I cannot be there for Mother’s Day this year because of my final exams (ever in my undergrad!!!!) we celebrated this past weekend. I will be there in spirit for all the mother figures in my life, and of course, specifically for my mom. She has always gone above and beyond for me, so why not give her the best brunch party ever!

moms brunch

I’m taking inspiration from this Mumsy Daisy Brunch party I found on It is the perfect amount of cutesy little flowers, pastels, and brunch foods that I am sure many moms would love.

There is no reason to go above and beyond in terms of cost. I am sure any mom or motherly figure would appreciate the effort you have put into a brunch like this for this special day.

It is all about appreciation and showing that appreciation for your motherly figures in your lives.

Let’s go through a few of our fav elements from this brunch party.

First and foremost, who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? No one! Everybody loves these grazing and snacking trays at parties. They look so nice, and they are perfect for any occasion. This is a great way to prevent yourself from having to cook tons of food. Trust me, I have filled up on a charcuterie board too many times to count at parties.

charcuterie board

Cheese Wisely has some lovely charcuterie boards that are made to order, so definitely check them out on Instagram to place an order for any event.

flower straw

For this Mother’s Day brunch, I want to continue with the pastels and flowers. So look for little details, whether they be cups, straws, or napkins that can add a little fun. The small details count the most in my book. So, even if you decide to not do flowers, be sure to check out Party Place both online and in-store to get all the goods for your Mother’s Day Brunch.


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