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The Big 5-0 Birthday Party

When someone turns 50, this is nothing to scoff at! It is an achievement, and it is truly a time to celebrate. I know that some people may disagree and think it is a sign of growing old. I say that this is just outrageously untrue. 50 is a milestone birthday because you have been through a lot in your life. You have so much more life experience, but the fun does not stop there. You can use 50 as a way to catapult your life into the way you truly want to live. Start fresh or just take some improvements you’ve learned. 50 is a time to change the game!

Anyways, let’s plan a birthday party for someone turning 50, whether it is for yourself, a parent, or a friend.

Pending the person you are planning for, you can obviously switch up some of the recommendations I suggest to better match their personality. Party Place has so many great décor options, so you will not be short on supplies.

Personally, I am a big fan of this classic birthday banner. It is timeless and fun! So, let’s use that as a jumping off point for our party.

I think a good retro, nostalgic party just sets the vibe. So, think of classic colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. Buy balloons that match this vibe here, and you can get 50th-specific balloons here.

Courtesy of Hannah Baxter

Classic does not necessarily mean boring though. I think a good dinner party situation is also a great way to go. Again, using this classic color scheme with a clean white tablescloth, tons of candles, and party favors like hats and confetti would be the cutest thing. Oh, and definitely include pennant flag banners and crepe paper.

Finally, let’s talk about the cake.

If you want classic, go with a single-tier white-frosted cake with a sprinkle border at the bottom and tall candles. Oh, and don’t forget a 50th topper!

Courtesy of Bravo Jenny

Lastly, include some photos of yourself, friends, family, and all of your lovely life experiences. 50 is your time to shine!

Keep it simple for the 50th so it doesn’t feel like you’re getting older. Just make the party to where you can celebrate the beauty of your life and the people in it.

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30th Birthday Bash

I love the movie 13 Going on 30. It is absolutely one of my all-time favorite rom-coms, and I definitely think everyone should watch it at least once. There are so many iconic moments in that movie, and I will truly never forget Jennifer Garner performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the rainbow-striped dress.

Truly, it was a formative moment in my childhood. In all honestly, I probably watch this movie every few months. It has become a comfort for me, you know? Anyways, we are not here to talk about my comfort movie rewatches. However, 13 Going on 30 is integral to the party theme today.

I have a dream to have a 30th birthday party that is 13 Going on 30 themed. I have always said I wanted to do this, and now, though I am not 30 yet, will be manifesting it until this happens.

So, how exactly does one throw a birthday bash centered around this fan-favorite rom-com.

Here’s the deal. I think there are a few ways you can go about this. I think one could either recreate the Poise magazine party where Jennifer Garner performs Thriller. The birthday girlie could dress up just like she did on her first night out on the town as a 30-year-old.

This would definitely need to be in a specific venue. If you’re around the Fort Smith area, totally look into the Bakery District to see what rooms are available for rental. Even if you are located somewhere else, there are surely different restaurants, venues, and so forth that have private rooms for hire.

Next, get a DJ. Now, this may seem costly, but with today’s technology, anyone can throw together a good playlist. I think some 80s-00s throwbacks would do the trick, and it would be pleasing to the public. Especially with Spotify or Apple Music’s endless music libraries, you can make one heck of a playlist.

For decorations, I think simple but editorial is the way to go. Think about what Poise was going for at their party! Try and emulate that. Definitely need some projector lights, maybe a disco ball, and you know, the works.

For drinks and food, keep it pretty lowkey. I think some nice charcuterie or grazing boards are a crowd-pleaser. You could either have a drink station set up with cocktails guests can mix or make it BYOB. That would definitely help with costs.

Now, be sure to check with your venue that they do not already offer some sort of catering package that comes with the rental space. For example, I know the Bakery District has a room with a bar that comes with a bartender for the night.

For a dress code, maybe suggest everyone comes dressed in their best 2000s fashion. Try to emulate the fun and flirty vibe Jennifer Garner had going for her. Let’s not Mark Ruffalo either!

This is a good way to really amplify the party theme’s cohesion.

Invitations will be where you can really get serious with the theme, so check out Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration and purchasing options.

That’s all there is to it.

Someone cue “Love is a Battlefield.” I am ready for this 13 Going on 30 birthday bash!

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Life is full of pasta-bilities!

I was looking at national holidays (you know, as one does), and I saw that July 14th is the national holiday for mac and cheese. I am not asking you to throw a mac and cheese party, though you are more than welcome to do so, but instead, I want everyone to throw a pasta party.

Pasta is one of my favorite categories of food. I am a big Italian food fan, so it honestly only makes sense that I am this way. I have been to Italy three times, and each time I have taken a pasta making class with my favorite chef in the world… Chef Fabio!

He is such a fun guy, and he is super Italian. By this I mean that he puts me to shame every time I come back and tell him I have in fact bought boxed pasta again.

He usually just sighs and tells me “but you know how to make pasta, stop eating this garbage!” Yes, those are his words, not mine.

So, I am going to give you guys this super-secret pasta recipe for this pasta party.

First, I am going to tell you how to set up the pasta party.

Basically, we are making little Italy. Since it is summer outside, let’s go for an outdoor dinner party vibe. Get the bistro lights hung, a cute little gingham table cloth placed, and the Italian love songs rolling. Click here for an Italian playlist on Spotify.

For décor, think about making food the centerpiece. That is very Italian. Go simple and let the food do the talking. If you want to get real Italian though, get some empty wine bottles, place skinny, long candle sticks in the top of the wine bottle. This is a super easy but fun way to add some rustic, Italian character to your tables.

Now, for the pasta recipe, we are making tagliatelle.

Just four ingredients:

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour, spooned & leveled
  • 3 large eggs
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  1. Make a small volcano/nest with your flour and place your cracked egg in the middle of your volcano/nest on a clean, flat surface. (make sure to have a little flour reserved for later)
  2. Add in the salt and olive oil to the nest with the egg.
  3. Take a fork and gently start incorporating the egg mix into the flour. (be careful to not let the nest break and the egg go everywhere!)
  4. Once it comes into a shaggy ball, start to knead it with your hands until a smooth dough ball is formed.
  5. After this, clean off your area and put fresh flour on the surface.
  6. Place your dough ball in the middle of the floured surface, then roll out until thin and flat.
  7. Take your flat dough sheet and roll longways half way. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Now, take a knife and cut ¼ inch pieces that cut across both rolled sides. Repeat until end of the dough.
  9. Then, take your knife, slide it under the cut dough rolls and gently pick up the knife. You’ll see the dough unroll into lovely strips!
  10. Now, boil your noodles for about 3-4 minutes and add whatever sauce you want.
  11. Enjoy!

Here is a photo of me and Fabio.

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Level Up: A Gaming Party

gaming party

Nowadays, kids play video games way more than with other toys I think! It was popular when I was a kid, but with the never-ending developments in technology and gaming, video games just keep soaring in popularity. Their availability is endless too… on phones, Nintendo Switches, PS5, and so much more.

mario party decoration
Courtesy of

So, why not throw a gaming birthday party for the gamer in your life! I may not be up-to-date on what all games are popular with the kids these days, but we have some super cool retro-pixelated party supplies that are sure to impress.

Personally, I am a Genshin Impact player, but I know things like Minecraft and Fortnite are popular with those kids these days (maybe, perhaps I am wrong). However, I am also a huge Mario fan. Grew up on the franchise, and will forever love and appreciate it.

Anyway… here is a slew of supplies for you to choose from for your party.

  1. Gaming Party Beverage Napkin
  2. Gaming Party Luncheon Plate
  3. Gaming Party Jointed Banner
gaming party plate

You can use our decorations to get a general gaming vibe, and then use more specific decorations (like with the Super Party banner) to reference specific games.

We will go with Super Mario since that is what I know the best, but feel free to choose anything you like. Our plates, napkins, and banners can go with virtually any game!

Make foods and party favors that reference video game characters or elements in the game, to really be with the cool kids hehe.

I love this Super Mario Bro. desserts that reference specific game elements! So easy and cute!

Mario party food
Courtesy of

I think it would also be cool to include a gaming tournament or just a dedicated area for the little gamer and their friends to actually play games!

I remember having Smash Bros tournaments in high school, so this makes me totally nostalgic.

Maybe my next birthday party will be a retro gaming party to relive those days as a youngin’.

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A Dr. Seuss Worthy Birthday

Dr Seuss you're invited

When I was a kid, when we got to read Dr. Seuss in class, it was really something special. Not to mention the absolute whimsy and wonderfulness that overtook the classroom any time we had a little Dr. Seuss celebration for the author’s birthday! Dr. Seuss still remains a big influence in children’s lives, giving them the opportunity to be whacky, creative, and gives a new perspective to everyday things. I love it, and with Dr. Seuss’s birthday upcoming, how about a little inspiration to do a Dr. Seuss party theme for your little one! There are so many classic books to choose from, but we’ll be taking the timeless tale, The Cat in the Hat, for the basis of our birthday bash decor.

The Cat in the Hat is probably the most famous work by Dr. Seuss. It is loveable, recognizable, and perfect for anyone and everyone! One of the greatest things about a classic party theme like this is that it can be easily recognizable simply through the color palette! The Cat in the Hat is simple enough with a lovely four-color palette of blue, red, white, and back! Decorations are easy peasy when you’ve got such a distinctive color palette! We’ve got lots of great options to get your whole house or party venue looking like it came out of a Dr. Seuss book!

Here are some of my favorite decorations:

You can never go wrong with streamers so we’ve got a whole slew of those to choose from. These are great because you can easily decorate an entire space with a few rolls of crepe streamers and a pack of tape. You can twist all the colors together to make a really fabulous and cohesive look as well as create so many interesting things! Oh the places you’ll go with a pack of streamers! (Yes, that was a Dr. Seuss pun, I couldn’t help it!)

Blue Streamers

Red Streamers

White Streamers

Oh, and just for fun, these shiny red ceiling streamers would totally just bring the whole streamer vibe together. You can find those here.

There are also plenty of Dr. Seuss themed plates, signs, cups, and so much more available on the website here for all the little details that truly matter!

Another good idea to add that whimsy and over-the-top whacky feel that is oh-so Dr. Seuss would be to add a huge variety of balloons, and perhaps even a balloon arch! Here is one of my fav balloon ideas that is just perfect for The Cat in the Hat vibe.

This balloon game is super cute, easy to play, and perfect for the kids! Pop the balloon and win a prize!

Dr Suess balloon game

There is so much you can do with a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat birthday! With a great color palette, it is super easy to get some supplies and really amp up the food to go with the theme! Think about things like a red punch and blue chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and any other goodies that can be dipped in chocolate (my ideal party food). Here are a few of my favorite pieces of party inspiration for a great Dr. Seuss birthday.

Cat in the hat birthday
Courtesy of Catch My Party
Cat in the hat candy bar
Courtesy of Catch My Party
Cat in the Hat dessert table
Courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
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Birthday Party in a Box

Summertime is normally a time for celebrations and fund birthday parties, but with current COVID-19 restrictions celebrating is continuing to look different this year.

As a kid I can remember looking forward to the summer to celebrate my birthday as well as my friends — plus its a fun way to know I was going to get to see my favorite school friends. I cannot imagine how parents and kids are feeling right now with so much uncertainty to what they will and will not be able to do but I do know that COVID-19 restrictions do not mean the day is any less special.

Photo Credit:

A perfect way to make a birthday special for someone in your life that you cannot see and celebrate with in person is a “Birthday in a Box” — this idea is not only good to be mailed to someone but fun for the birthday boy or girl to open at home in a room all decked out.

When setting the scene for your Birthday in a Box first fill the room with special balloons to let them know that despite the circumstances it is still a special day. Perhaps start the day off with a birthday cake made of donuts for an extra sweet surprise in the morning.

Now to the box — first you will need a cardboard box, it can be plain or decorated to your liking, after you get the box throw in a box of cake mix, icing, and some candles for the cake portion of the “party.” Next throw in all of the party essentials such as: part hats, fun paper plates and napkins, noise makers, streamers, confetti, birthday banner, and maybe even a mini pinata.

This is a simple “party” and not your average large and in charge party but it is something easy to do at home or to send to someone you love. You can find all of these “necessities” aside from the cake mix at The Party Place of course.