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A Dr. Seuss Worthy Birthday

Dr Seuss you're invited

When I was a kid, when we got to read Dr. Seuss in class, it was really something special. Not to mention the absolute whimsy and wonderfulness that overtook the classroom any time we had a little Dr. Seuss celebration for the author’s birthday! Dr. Seuss still remains a big influence in children’s lives, giving them the opportunity to be whacky, creative, and gives a new perspective to everyday things. I love it, and with Dr. Seuss’s birthday upcoming, how about a little inspiration to do a Dr. Seuss party theme for your little one! There are so many classic books to choose from, but we’ll be taking the timeless tale, The Cat in the Hat, for the basis of our birthday bash decor.

The Cat in the Hat is probably the most famous work by Dr. Seuss. It is loveable, recognizable, and perfect for anyone and everyone! One of the greatest things about a classic party theme like this is that it can be easily recognizable simply through the color palette! The Cat in the Hat is simple enough with a lovely four-color palette of blue, red, white, and back! Decorations are easy peasy when you’ve got such a distinctive color palette! We’ve got lots of great options to get your whole house or party venue looking like it came out of a Dr. Seuss book!

Here are some of my favorite decorations:

You can never go wrong with streamers so we’ve got a whole slew of those to choose from. These are great because you can easily decorate an entire space with a few rolls of crepe streamers and a pack of tape. You can twist all the colors together to make a really fabulous and cohesive look as well as create so many interesting things! Oh the places you’ll go with a pack of streamers! (Yes, that was a Dr. Seuss pun, I couldn’t help it!)

Blue Streamers

Red Streamers

White Streamers

Oh, and just for fun, these shiny red ceiling streamers would totally just bring the whole streamer vibe together. You can find those here.

There are also plenty of Dr. Seuss themed plates, signs, cups, and so much more available on the website here for all the little details that truly matter!

Another good idea to add that whimsy and over-the-top whacky feel that is oh-so Dr. Seuss would be to add a huge variety of balloons, and perhaps even a balloon arch! Here is one of my fav balloon ideas that is just perfect for The Cat in the Hat vibe.

This balloon game is super cute, easy to play, and perfect for the kids! Pop the balloon and win a prize!

Dr Suess balloon game

There is so much you can do with a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat birthday! With a great color palette, it is super easy to get some supplies and really amp up the food to go with the theme! Think about things like a red punch and blue chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and any other goodies that can be dipped in chocolate (my ideal party food). Here are a few of my favorite pieces of party inspiration for a great Dr. Seuss birthday.

Cat in the hat birthday
Courtesy of Catch My Party
Cat in the hat candy bar
Courtesy of Catch My Party
Cat in the Hat dessert table
Courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
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