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Will You Accept This Rose?

Will You accept this rose

Well, the holiday of love has come and gone, and you’re either feeling lovey-dovey or sad because you’re single. This is not to bring your spirits down, I am simply just speaking the truth. Not gonna lie, I might be a tad bit of the second option at the moment. Anyhow, the point is that we’re all still thinking about love. Now, what better way to celebrate (or cry) about love than to throw a Bachelor watch party? 

By now, we’ve gotten to know our guy, Matt James, a little bit better, as well as the women on the show this season, so this means it is the perfect time to throw a Bachelor watch party. It’s simple really… get a few rose petals sprinkled on the ground, some delicious snacks, and of course, some type of game to keep track of the oh-so-many times something dramatic happens. We’ll come back to the game in a second. 

First and foremost, a watch party doesn’t need a lot to be great, you just need great company! However, to really add a little spice to your watch party to make it unforgettable, add little decorations that add to the corniness of the show. (trust me, your friends will think it is the cutest thing ever.) Rose petals are a surefire way to get that vibe of “looking for love on reality tv.” They are a great space filler without being too work-intensive, heck you could just throw them on a table or the ground, and they look great! 

bachelor party image the blue eyed dove
Courtesy of The Blue-Eyed Dove

Next, we need the snacks. I suggest finger foods that people can munch on all night long. It could be as simple as chips and dip, pretzels, and something sweet like cookies. Again, think simple! This doesn’t need to be a big ordeal, people are always satisfied with a plate full of Oreos and chips, I mean… who isn’t. Anyways, the real fun is in the game you come up with to play during the show! 

You can find tons of different game cards and rules on Pinterest, so I will be sharing one of my favorite ideas with you. The best one has to be a drinking game for every time a contestant does something. You don’t have to use alcohol if that’s not your thing, feel free to sub with a fun punch, sodas, or anything else you’d like! Nothing can’t be more fun than laughing and being with friends at tacky reality TV! 

The Bachelor Drinking Game: Water Edition

Cheers, to love!

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