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Mushy Gushy Valentine’s Day Fun

Candy Hearts

I don’t know about you guys, but I love Valentine’s Day, like, I really love it. You may be thinking to yourself, oh so she must be in a relationship or something. No. I am not, and in fact, I have never been in one on Valentine’s Day! It is a crazy thing to love a holiday about love and have never been in love. It’s ironic, but kind of iconic, don’t you think? Either way, I love a good Valentine’s Day party. I throw one every year! Even if my “party” consists of 5 people, we still have a really good time. I love my friends, and I make sure to show them that with my fab Valentine’s (or Palentine’s) Day fun. Anyways, let’s talk about how to throw a chill but super fun Valentine’s Day party for all your pals.

I love to do a simple party that consists of a drinks (you know I love a festive punch or cocktail, Pinterest is my go-to for recipes), lots of sweets, and of course, decorations!

I think my favorite part of Valentine’s Day decorations is simply the cheesy, mushy gushiness of them. Bright red and pink hearts with over the top fonts and cheesy love puns for days? Yes, that is perfect to me. Lucky for you, we have a wide variety of the cheesiest decorations you’ve ever seen! When decorating for a Valentine’s Day party, I always say more is more. Give me all the hearts! To save you the time and probably me from embarrassment, I will only show you my top three decorations I will be investing in this year.

  1. These White Heart-Shaped Doilies

            I love, love, love doilies. Yes, the three “loves” were completely necessary to convey my opinion on them. These are perfect for easy table decorations, hanging on the wall, or even for under cookies or other sweets. They are great for lining trays with treats for added Valentine’s Day fun.

White heart-shaped doilies Valentine's Day Party Supplies
  1. Heart Garland 

Honestly, give me any festive garland, and I will be all over it. It always adds the best little touch of fun. It can really bring a tablescape together, or honestly the whole room! It is super cute, cheap, and easy to use! A perfect option for anyone.

Heart Garland Valentine's Day Party Supplies
  1.  Red Heart-Shaped Balloons

Okay, who doesn’t love a good balloon? Festive, fun, and they get the point across. That is a good decoration. Plus, if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on decorations, balloons are great for filling up a space and adding lots of festive fun into the room. These balloons are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and they just scream “mushy gushy love day” to me. Again, I really love this holiday, sue me!

Red Heart Shaped Balloons Valentine's Day Party Supplies

I could absolutely go on, but I promise you I would keep it limited to three! My next word of advice would be to get some really fabulous Valentine’s Day plates, which we have many options of, and really just go to town on your food options!

Word of advice: keep it simple. You don’t have to feed these people dinner! Valentine’s Day is about the sweet indulgence so go for chocolate, cookies, brownies, you know the drill! My favorite way to make any dessert more festive is to add holiday-specific sprinkles (heart sprinkles I am looking at you!). Get some drinks for your guests, tack up those decorations, and wowza you’ve got one heck of a Valentine’s Day party! I’m excited just thinking about it. 

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