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Llama Llama Party-rama!

llama themed party

Courtesy of Birthday in a Box

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with llamas. Truth be told, I still love them more than the average person, probably. They are just such a goofy animal, you know? Fluffy, long necks, kind of short legs, big eyes… adorable. I just think they look cute and goofy, what more could you want? Anyways, since llamas are pretty popular with kids these days, I feel seen, you know? Regardless of my feelings, I do think llamas are a great theme for a birthday party.

From my own experience—animal-centered birthday parties are always winners with kids. Who knows why? Animals are just fun creatures! Also, I think animal parties are the easiest to buy decorations for, stick to the theme, and engage with the kids. There’s a lot you can do with color palettes, games, snacks, and whatever else when you have one central animal taking the lead.

In this case, we are going with the llama. Lucky for you guys, here at Party Place we love our llamas too. If you click here, you can look at all of our llama-tastic decorations. This includes balloons, plates, cups, and even garlands!

Here are my favorite llama party supplies:

Llama Invitations

Party Blowouts

Llama Balloon

White & Green Llama Party Centerpiece

Once you exhaust our awesome source of llama decorations, your job is relatively easy after that. It’s now all about the arranging and food offerings that you have that make or break a party. However, if its for kids, your job just got easier. I feel like children are easier to please and wow when you throw a fun and colorful party for them. I know my nephew is excited simply at the sight of balloons, haha! Like the photo at the top, I recommend getting one centerpiece-style table, bar, or cabinet that can have all food, cake, and main décor set up on it. This way your main party area is clean, well done, and of course, minimal to clean up.

Especially with kids parties, by containing the party décor to one table and perhaps another for eating and gift opening, as well as an area with a game, you are better off for party clean up and enjoyment.

Don’t make things harder than they have to be! Get those llama decorations and go from there. The décor is always a great place to start and focus your visions. Cheers to all your llama party endeavors. We hope to see you guys soon.

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