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MLB NBA is Back

After what has felt like years and years without sports the MLB and NBA are back! It may not be the way we are used to watching it, but hey I will take what I can get and I am sure many of you are feeling the same way. Whether you are wanting to make your celebration a grand slam or slam dunk The Party Place has everything you need to root for your favorite team and get game-day ready.

Now that everyone is settling into the current new “normal” why not host a watch party for your favorite team and invite over some of your close friends or family, remember to keep social distancing and good hygiene in mind, and have a good time. You can head to the Party Place and pick up a few special decorations like plates and napkins dawning your favorite team logo and name.

texas rangers plate
MLB Texas Rangers Large Paper Plates (18ct)
golden warriors plate
7″ Plate Golden State Warriors

I mean if you are going to have team spirit why not go all out? Of course, you can pick up some standby supplies as well like sports-themed balloons, favors, little sit-arounds as I call them, streamers, and some plastic serving platters and bowls.

When I have a party I like to go all out with not only my decorations but what I am serving my guests as well. Now just because I like to spice things up doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. You can still stick with classic dishes to serve your guests or just family, but try to play around with your presentation and make it go with your theme. Maybe you are looking to change it up a little and really make it feel like you are there on the court or at the ball field. You can serve your favorite concession stand foods like popcorn, boiled peanuts, hot dogs, burgers, nachos, well you get the idea.

Red & White Striped Table Skirt
Red & White Striped Table Skirt

The Party Place sells all of the cute little things to need to make serving those classics look like you’re really there like these super cute popcorn bags, trays for nachos, hot dog holders, and some classic brown bags for those boiled peanuts.

While you’re at it why not set up a few games to play during half time, the 7th inning stretch, commercial breaks, pre and post-game too! Your games can be themed towards your favorite sport or maybe just some fun backyard games to get you outside and enjoying the weather.

No matter the sport you choose to celebrate you can throw a fun and cute watch party for a pretty affordable price that should help itch that scratch we have all been dying to itch since the pandemic started and we had our sports abruptly taken from us. 

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