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Summer Sports-Themed Party

We might not be able to enjoy sports like we used to right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to count sports out of our lives all together! Do you have a major sports fan at home? Well, why not give them an extra special reason to smile with a sports-themed party honoring their favorite sport that either never saw its season this year or had it cut short. I know I sure did miss not having a baseball season because sitting in the Hog Pen at Baum-Walker Stadium is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the cool spring nights. All you need to knock the party out of the park is a few super cute sports-themed decorations from The Party Place!

Now to set the scene we need to focus on the little details — when setting out your snacks or meal that you will be serving you can really play up the sports theme with a concession stand area.

Photo credit: Darling Darleen

Blogger Darling Darleen gives us a perfect example of how to set the scene with this super cute and fun concession stand, even featuring some fund personalization. Think fun finger foods that can be filling as well. To make your own at-home concession stand, you can create a fun little ordering menu and a sign to let your guests, or even just your family, know where to find the snacks.

Now you know me and my love for balloons, so surely you didn’t think I could go an entire party without suggesting some balloons to spruce up the party. You can keep it simple with some of these big sports/ball themed balloons to add some height to your party decor or some color and shape fitting with the theme.

Photo credit: Mom O Party

If your budget is a little bit bigger or you are wanting to make the balloons more of a focal point of the party you can do something like blogger Mom O Party where she used a variety of greens and whites with some football balloons to bring in the theme.

The Party Place has everything that you need to make your party a home run for your favorite sports fan who might be feeling a little down during this sports drought that we are in right now. So no matter what COVID-19 has canceled, you can still cheer on your favorite sports fan.

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