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Vegas Staycation

Are you feeling lucky, but COVID-19 is keeping you from taking that trip to Vegas? Well, it is time to bring Vegas to your home with a fun Casino Night themed party! Keeping CDC guidelines in mind, invite some of your friends or family over for what could be a formula or casual get-together.

Aside from the obvious cards and chips needing for the night all you really need to bring your night together are a few simple accent decorations.

I personally love a patterned or themed napkin and plate — this way you are adding a pop to your food display and decorating at the same time.

The Party Place has everything you need including casino playing cards and some funny money to keep the gambling going without hurting everyone’s pocket books.

Unless you are serious about your casino card game playing, you probably don’t have a blackjack felt green table lying around.

Instead, you can pick up a standard dark green tablecloth from the Party Place, and with a little help from white painter’s tape or washi tape, you can make the perfect outline for your very own DIY Blackjack table.

If you are feeling fancy you can turn your whole night into an evening at the Monte Carlo or if you are wanting to keep it casual invite your guests to keep it comfy and focus on the cards. Either way, all you really need are a few classic casino night decorations, a few finger foods, some good drinks, and most importantly good company to bring Vegas to your very own living room or kitchen.

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