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Hot Cocoa Social

The air is starting to stay cool and the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to warm up during the cozy season than hot cocoa? You may have noticed that the latest viral Facebook trend is “Hot Cocoa Bombs” which is basically a bath bomb for your coffee mug filled with different blends of hot chocolate. The more I have seen these videos the more I have thought that hosting a hot cocoa social sounds like the perfect idea! Not only is this party great for the kiddos but is just as fun for adults too!

So, where do we begin? First it is always good to get your guest list in mind before doing too much planning, but from experience when hosting a “social” event keep the numbers smaller than larger that way everyone has time to catch up with one another. Once you have your guests figured out, do it old school and send everyone a snail mail invitation – in my opinion this makes things much more exciting for your guest. You can snag these on the minted website!

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Now, when it comes to the actual party, I think the best way to really make the hot cocoa part stand out is by having a hot cocoa bar! When it comes to what your bar is going to feature, I would definitely include the classics like: peppermint sticks, white and dark chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cinnamon! If you are really wanting to get creative you could try putting out some raspberry syrup, crushed toffee, sprinkles cake pops, cookies, etc. – you get the idea.

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When I have done a hot cocoa bar in years past on Christmas Eve I have always made a large pot of hot cocoa on the stove and then kept it warm either in a pumping thermos or the crockpot, careful with the crockpot though it will be boiling hot!

Another fun idea to have a little hands-on project for your social gathering would be to make hot cocoa bombs with your guests – this activity is probably better with a smaller crowd and older kiddos or adults.

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I have not yet attempted this project, so I am enlisting the help of some Pinterest bloggers for the best tips and tricks on how to make them. You can check out “I am a food blog”  and “Taste of Home” for their instructions for the best hot cocoa bombs! Much like the hot cocoa bar for drinking you can display fun treats to place on top of your bombs like assorted sprinkles, tiny peppermints, maybe some tiny gingerbread crumbs or men, etc. it is really up to you and what you think your guests might like.

As far as decorations go if your home is already decked out for the holidays the hard part of decorating is over with and even if your tree is not up, yet a few fun winter decorations are all you really need. In my opinion, those cute plastic bulb ornaments that come in the 100-pack make great sit around decorations in bowls and other containers to give a little festive vibe. I am always a big fan of fresh flowers and right now some deep red roses or other flowers and wintery greens make the perfect addition to any setup.

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This particular arrangement is silk and can be purchased online, not only is it great for your party but it would make a great addition to your standard holiday decorations. While you are out at The Party Place picking up your small containers for your toppings, boxes to take home your chocolate bombs in, and heat resistant disposable cups for cocoa check out the buffalo plaid paper plates and napkins!

Nothing says winter like buffalo plaid, and they would make a nice and sweet addition to your already perfect party. If you decide to try out the chocolate bombs be sure to tag us on social media and let us know how it goes!

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