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Ornament Exchange Party

ornament exchange party cover

It’s the holiday season so hoop-de-do and hickory dock… and well you know the rest to the Andy WIlliams classic. It is officially the time of year to start hosting those holiday parties, social distanced and safe of course. If you are looking for something on the smaller scale I would recommend an ornament exchange party — this way you can keep the crowd small but still have the ability to gather with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season while getting and giving a little something for the tree. Also, if you are not comfortable with an in-person celebration this particular kind of party could easily be turned virtual and you can just mail your guests their ornament and they can send theirs to the other guest invited, just as they would have exchanged in person. Regardless of how you choose to host the party, make my heart happy and send your guests a paper invitation, Zazzle has some fabulous ones to choose from.

ornament exchange invitation
Photo Credit: ZAZZLE.COM

So, where do you need to start now that you have decided between virtual and in-person and your guest list? Figure out the price cap for the ornaments that your guests will be purchasing, or making, in order to ensure the party is fun and affordable for everyone. After you have done that, create a virtual name draw that way everyone knows who they need to be exchanging with especially if the event is going to be virtual. If you are choosing to do the in-person version of the event it could be fun to also make a few ornaments during the party. The blog Made In a Day has a fabulous but easy boho evergreen ornament that would look amazing on everyone’s tree one their creation is complete.

boho ornament

Now that we have the big stuff lined out it is time to focus on all of the little details that are going to make your party pop! Even if you choose to host virtually I promise these little details are still important, for example everything you would have bought to source up the party for your guests mail in a care package or the invitation rather for your guests. The blog A Subtle Revelery has some super fun holiday party hacks that really highlight the holidays. When it comes to drinks choose a classic cocktail, hot chocolate, or special punch to serve, but instead of cups head out to your local craft store and pick up some large clear craft ornaments to serve the drink of your choice in.

clear ornament drink

These darling little “drinks” are the perfect addition to your decorations and to add an extra splash of fun for your guests.

One final step is to head on out to The Party Place to pick up some festive napkins, paper straws, plates, cups, and any other fun seasonal decor you think will give your ornament exchange all of the festive vibes you are looking for. Don’t forget to tag us in all of your social media posts!

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