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A Colorful Christmas Celebration

I saw the most beautiful Christmas party decorations and table set up on Pinterest this morning. It inspired me so much, that I am not only going to throw my version of this party, but I am going to tell you how to do so as well!

The first photo was my initial inspiration, but it seems to be a big trend this year to use the streamers and ornaments as a sort of table centerpiece that hangs on the light as opposed to sitting on the table.

I like this because it feels simple but festive and very whimsical. Christmas is all about everyday magic in my opinion, and this really emulates that for me. I know it uses different colors than the traditional red and green, but I have been trying to experiment with even more colors for Christmas to attempt to capture some of that magic!

Additionally, I like the different types of candles and candle holders used on the tables along with festive Christmas tableware and plates. This being said, let’s see what Party Place offers to create this type of vibe for a colorful Christmas celebration!

Crepe paper is essential for that type of hanging centerpiece, and lucky us, Party Place has a plethora of different colors too! You can click here to view all their crepe paper options.

Also, I think any Christmas party is a crowd-pleaser when there is either a festive craft involved (i.e. making ornaments) or when it is a cookie swap. If you choose to do a cookie swap or something similar, get your cookie containers from Party Place. They have some major Christmas offerings. Personally, I like these stackable ones, but be sure to check them all out in-store or online.

Anyways, be sure to get lots of filler ornaments as well for your centerpiece, which can be purchased from most big box stores like Walmart or even Dollar General.

As for more table decorations, I like the use of foliage and winter fruits the most on this table display. I love this style of decorating for most events, and this Christmas is no exception. It also is an inexpensive way to create full table settings and provide a cozy warmth to any party.

Lastly, I think any colorful or detailed tablecloth would work quite well for this party. Especially if it something vintage or a family piece, that is even better!

Don’t be afraid to go past the red and green of Christmas and get colorful with it.

Be sure to stop by Party Place or shop online to get all the necessary party supplies for all your Christmas celebrations.

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Christmas Wine Exchange

Look, Christmas is not just for the kids! Adults need to have some fun too. So, naturally, when I saw these Christmas Wine Bottle Bags at the Party Place, I just knew we needed to throw a party with such.

Why not do a fun and festive wine exchange? This is the easiest way to get some adults involved and interested in a fun little party. This can be a great one to use for coworker parties, charity events, and other things you might struggle finding a good theme for if it’s not just for friends. Though, don’t be discouraged, I love doing these with my friends too!

You can even kick it up a notch with an ugly Christmas sweater contest or do something a little more “elegant” with a semi-black tie dress code if this is for a serious crowd.

However, if you want to do the fun Christmas sweater moment, we even have you covered on that end. Just click here.

Anyways, how do you do a wine exchange?

Well, it is quite simple. Set a price range on bottles and/or guidelines (red, white, bubbly, etc). Also, ask them to bring two identical bottles. The first bottle is made for tasting throughout the night, and the second bottle will be for the swap.

There are many ways to play the swap game, but I like to think of it like Dirty Santa. Since everyone has been able to try the wines, they have a good indication of what it is they are trying to take home! People will draw names to see the order and are able to steal bottles, swap with players, or try and keep their hands on the one they really want!

Plus, this is much more fun than Dirty Santa because chances are, people actually want this gift haha!

Do not forget to get some great appetizers and grazing boards for this event. Wine tasting needs food! So either prepare, cater, or ask people to bring items that go well with their wines.

Eat, drink, and be merry! ‘Tis the season!

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Merry Grinchmas!

Merry Grinchmas

My nephew has an obsession with the Grinch movie from Illumination, which is what I would assume is this new generation’s version of the iconic Christmas character. I watched it, and it was very good and cute, but when I watched it for the 70th time with him… I was a little tired of it.

However, I never ever get tired of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. I grew up with this movie, and it has been a staple for my sister and I to watch at least once (though probably more!) a year at Christmas. Recently, I have noticed that this specific iteration of the Grinch has become super popular again this holiday season (thanks TikTok), so, lets pay homage to the Grinch by throwing a party! Let’s throw ourselves a Grinchmas!

The great thing about this is that you can honestly tailor the party to any of the Grinch movies, so pending your favorite, you can use different things to make it known which one you’re referencing. Right now we’ll go with the classic animated film, but there is no limit!

You’ll want to start building your decorations off of the colors lime green and red. Yes, Christmas colors, but you know, lime green is very much so an important color to the Grinch! Think a little gaudy for your decorations, like big sequins, feather boas, and just lots and lots of red and green patterns. You’re trying to emulate Whoville, right? Go crazy!

I personally love this table setting below that includes all of the aforementioned criteria.

Grinch party
Courtesy of Catch my Party

Next, think about adding in a festive hot chocolate bar for your party. It’s Christmas! Who doesn’t want to indulge in hot chocolate at this time of year?! Keep the same color and pattern vibe from the table setting and get it going. Adding things like peppermints, candy canes, whipped cream, and marshmallows to your hot chocolate bar can really make it pop at the party.

grinch party decor
Courtesy of Catch my Party

Lastly, you’ll want to consider some party games. Whether or not you do classic board and card games or find a festive game like White Elephant or Dirty Santa, it can add a ton of fun to your party. I love going to parties and having a bonding moment through a game. Perhaps you can find a way to incorporate this Grinch suit we have at The Party Place… I think it would add a whole different level of fun!

Have a great time with this Grinchmas party, and happy holidays!

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Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

One of my favorite holiday traditions when I was a kid was decorating a gingerbread house. A childhood friend of mine always hosted this super fun gingerbread house party for all of her daughter’s friends, and it was amazing! I looked forward to it every year, and I always appreciated the interesting and unique houses we would all do.

gingerbread house
Courtesy of Catch My Party

This being said, a gingerbread party is definitely something I would like to do again. I think it could be even more fun as an adult simply because it is like a stroll down memory lane. Lucky for all of the River Valley folks, The Party Place has all the materials to make this party a reality!

First and foremost, if you are looking to go an easier route and not make the gingerbread from scratch, we’ve got some great gingerbread house kits so you’re making the workload a little less intensive. Trust me, making super stable gingerbread to build a house out of… it is difficult. 

Anyways, regardless of what you do, you’ll need to designate everyone’s work areas, so why not get these holly jolly placemats and name cards to make a festive table setting that can also help minimize the decorating mess.

You’ll definitely want to get some more decorating materials than what comes with the kits (if you do that) so people can have more unique houses! Some really great and inexpensive options are to get family size bags of candy—like the Christmas M&Ms—or even boxes of cereal! Trust me, Golden Grahams make excellent shingles. Other fun little candies like gum drops or even chicklets are awesome and colorful options, as well as sprinkles!

cups of candy
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Add in a few more table decorations along with all your house décor options, and you’re golden! Put on the classic Christmas music or even a Hallmark movie, and get to decorating. Consider adding in a fun punch, cider, or even sangria to make some real holiday magic! Whether you’re throwing this party for your kid or for yourself, it’ll be a gran ol’ time, and it will make the Christmas season that much more Christmas-y.

Candyland house
Courtesy of Catch My Party
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Ornament Exchange Party

ornament exchange party cover

It’s the holiday season so hoop-de-do and hickory dock… and well you know the rest to the Andy WIlliams classic. It is officially the time of year to start hosting those holiday parties, social distanced and safe of course. If you are looking for something on the smaller scale I would recommend an ornament exchange party — this way you can keep the crowd small but still have the ability to gather with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season while getting and giving a little something for the tree. Also, if you are not comfortable with an in-person celebration this particular kind of party could easily be turned virtual and you can just mail your guests their ornament and they can send theirs to the other guest invited, just as they would have exchanged in person. Regardless of how you choose to host the party, make my heart happy and send your guests a paper invitation, Zazzle has some fabulous ones to choose from.

ornament exchange invitation
Photo Credit: ZAZZLE.COM

So, where do you need to start now that you have decided between virtual and in-person and your guest list? Figure out the price cap for the ornaments that your guests will be purchasing, or making, in order to ensure the party is fun and affordable for everyone. After you have done that, create a virtual name draw that way everyone knows who they need to be exchanging with especially if the event is going to be virtual. If you are choosing to do the in-person version of the event it could be fun to also make a few ornaments during the party. The blog Made In a Day has a fabulous but easy boho evergreen ornament that would look amazing on everyone’s tree one their creation is complete.

boho ornament

Now that we have the big stuff lined out it is time to focus on all of the little details that are going to make your party pop! Even if you choose to host virtually I promise these little details are still important, for example everything you would have bought to source up the party for your guests mail in a care package or the invitation rather for your guests. The blog A Subtle Revelery has some super fun holiday party hacks that really highlight the holidays. When it comes to drinks choose a classic cocktail, hot chocolate, or special punch to serve, but instead of cups head out to your local craft store and pick up some large clear craft ornaments to serve the drink of your choice in.

clear ornament drink

These darling little “drinks” are the perfect addition to your decorations and to add an extra splash of fun for your guests.

One final step is to head on out to The Party Place to pick up some festive napkins, paper straws, plates, cups, and any other fun seasonal decor you think will give your ornament exchange all of the festive vibes you are looking for. Don’t forget to tag us in all of your social media posts!