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New Year’s Eve at Home

It is time to pop the bubbly and raise a glass because it is almost time to say farewell 2020 and hello 2021! Despite current social distancing guidelines and rising COVID-19 cases there is still time to plan an at-home celebration for you and your family to ring in the new year. The best part of an at-home celebration is that the dress code is entirely up to you — want to keep it casual? Perfect! Break out the PJs and relax. Maybe you still want to get fancy? Even better! Bring out the diamonds and pearls and let’s stroll to the living room. Regardless of the dress code the party can all be the same and there is plenty to choose from at The Party Place right now.

Okay, let’s jump right in and give you some fun activities to keep you and your little ones (don’t worry – they are just as fun even if you don’t have kiddos) busy until the clock strikes midnight. One of my favorite countdown activities is the balloon pop countdown — the blog Toddler Approved has the perfect example of how to display this in your home. You will need to pick up some uninflated balloons from The Party Place and some balloon confetti for this one. In this example, colorful balloons were used but I think one solid color or clear with multicolor balloon confetti would look absolutely perfect as well.

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All you need to do is fill your balloons with confetti, inflate, write your times on them, and hang them up in a circle like a clock. The purpose of this activity is to help you be aware of each final hour of 2020 ticking away by popping a balloon for each hour marked.

In order to keep major decorating to a minimum I suggest leaving your Christmas tree up and trading out the ribbon and ornaments for extra New Year party hats, party blowers, and headbands.

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Blogger Domestic Fashionista gives us the perfect example of her newly redone tree to add some extra sparkle to your evening at home. In all honesty, since you will be just celebrating at home your value pack of headbands and hats will need to be put to good use anyways, so why not give yourself a little bit more of an excuse to keep the Christmas tree up a little longer without your spouse/partner giving you too much of a hard time.

Another great idea using balloons comes from blogger It’s Always Autumn uses air blown balloons and a plastic tablecloth, all readily available at The Party Place, to create your own balloon drop. This particular activity is pretty much DIY as you please when it comes to color and contents — the most important thing to do is ensure you have a way to pull it down and secure the balloons and other contents with tape to the ceiling.

Photo Credit: It’s Always Autumn

I would highly recommend this one and use it when the ball drops on tv! Fun fact for all you parents out there, Netflix offers a New Year’s Eve countdown that can be used at any time that way your kids aren’t up all night and you can have at least a few alone hours before 2021. 

If you are afraid of missing out on the big New York City ball drop, don’t worry that event is also completely virtual this year, so everyone is going to be enjoying it from their couches. No matter how fancy your party is, be sure to tag us on social media so we can see how you choose to ring in 2021.

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